About Colour Harmonie

About Colour Harmonie


Colour Harmonie's Marcia O'Regan

Meet Marcia O’Regan, International Colour Alchemist, Expert & Trainer

Welcome!  So you are here to find out a little about me, the face behind Colour Harmonie.  If I could I would love for you and me to sit down together over a cup of tea and get to know each other a little bit better but as we are virtual right now, then let me give you a little insight in to WHO I AM.

I am many things, the essence of who I am is LOVE and I am big into WOO WOO.  I am original, alternative, mothering, caring, generous, vulnerable, with an innate sense to know what you need and I see quite often the essence of a person and their innate potential before they can see it.  I have this ability to see the unseen using colour as the language to understand you on a soul level.

I created Colour Harmonie for intuitive, heart centered and passionate self development lovers and business owners and who want to expand and tap into to their innate potential.  For people like you who are looking for an easier colourful supportive path and are ready to expand their business and life beyond their wildest dreams.  I want to  share the ancient secret power behind colour for health, well-being, harmony and business sucess. The saying ‘showing your true colours’ is a very apt saying! And with its knowledge I  have this innate ability to shed some light on many of the dark spots in your life and what could be holding you back from having a business and life that flourishes, all because the secret knowledge and power of colour has been kept a secret from you.

Just like when you visit a country you can’t fully embrace all is has to offer, or ask for what you really want if you don’t speak the language.  Colour is the language of living and life itself and so without this you cannot fully benefit or embrace the real magic, those messages that are there for you, because you don’t know the language.

I am incredibly grateful for all I have.  I can be impatient when things don’t happen quick enough for me so I continue to learn to be more patient.  I am powerful, just being in a room with me will have you energized, enlightened and smiling. 😉  And so you would really need to be ready for  BIG THINGS in your life and business to work with me, as I transform, enhance and bring about change where ever I go and whomever I connect with.

I am a connector.  Connection is something I find very important, connection in so many forms, being able to connect with you and see what you need right now to start shining your own true light, and connect with the essence of who you really are.  I have this ability to get you to feel connected with yourself, your needs and that calling of your heart, to connect you with what you need right now.   Connection is so important, and I call it one of my CPR’s in life.  Connection can get you to breathe life into your life and beyond.

It’s like having a plug to connect with electricity, if it isn’t connected properly then it will break down.  Or some days it will work and others it won’t and you wonder why.  If you are connected with this innate source of life, and connected with yourself then it is a big game changer.

I am an enabler, I enable you to connect with the calling of your heart deep inside you.  The one that you ignore from time to time or you may be doing this most of the time because of practicalities you keep telling yourself.  I am non-judgmental, so you can be honest with yourself like never before so we can uncover the hidden treasures inside you.

I have a great sense of humour, I can laugh at myself, and get you to laugh at yourself too.  I used to be a people pleaser but over the years I have no longer this need.  My Mother used tell me “please yourself and you will please everyone else”, but I found it hard to do that, as I wanted to be liked and I wanted people to feel good.  But as I worked on my own personal development and with my guides and gurus I now apply what she told me growing up.  So I don’t aim to please anymore.  I do my very best, I am 150% present with those I work with and I say how it is.  I have found honesty is the best policy as everyone knows where they stand.

Through colour I have this ability to reveal to you your own magnificence and innate potential.  You see you are unique, there is nobody else in this world like you and so I show you and get you aligned to this REAL YOU.  I journey with you, I open and hold the space for you and this enables you to connect with who you really are and move away from who you think you should be.

I help you unlearn the untruths of what you have carried through many life times, and generations so you can be liberated, and set free and feel to the ESSENCE of who you really are.   If you were to work with me, I would love you like one of my children and give you a kick up the ass if and when you need it. 🙂

I would share life long tools with you so you can fly wherever your heart is calling you to go.  I would gently and lovingly urge you to be seen for who you really are and express this in your business, so you can succeed, follow your dreams, and live the life you know you deserve to have.  So voila that’s who I am.  If you would like us to have a chat, then check out my diary and we can have a free 30 minute skype call to chat, connect and explore some more.

I know about the importance of this because it was this dis-connect in my life that led me to find colour.  On paper everything looked great, a corporate well paid job, great social life, lovely friends, flying whenever and wherever I wanted, but inside I yearned to connect with my soul mate.  My disconnection and discomfort showed up in health issues and so one day I took a leap of faith and took a 6 month colour therapy course and within 6 months my health issues were solved, and within 5 months, I changed jobs, bought a car, and bought a flat that I had spent 14 years talking about doing and so I did a diploma and teach the trainer course and 1 year later I started to practice and teach colour therapy.  And for me it continues to support, guide and energise my whole being, my life, my home, my family and my clients.   I manifested my soulmate, he was worth waiting for and 9 years on we have three beautiful kids, a dream come true.

I have written and designed my own Colour Therapy Holistic and Coaching Pactitioner Course which I personally deliver combining live calls, online weekly modules and in person retreats.  I support you every step of the way so you can either use this in your own personal development and self discovery or incorporate this amazing tool and knowlegde in your current holistic business to give you and your business an edge or as a stand alone business.

I  work with clients all over the world through my Personalised 1-2-1 Program who are looking for Personalised Transformation or True Colours Branding in their business.

As a Passionate Expert Colour Therapist Coach and Trainer,  I successfully use various healing techniques using the power and psychology of colour. I amnaturally empathetic, intuitive, compassionate and I care deeply for my clients and the work I  do.

At Colour Harmonie, I use the colour spectrum and its light energy to heal emotional, mental, metabolic, physical and spiritual difficulties by optimising the body’s energy centres for wellbeing. I  employ a wide range of tools such as light, crystals, scarves, hands-on healing, art, solarised water, cellular healing, ancestral pattern, diagnostic tools and visualisation to discover the root cause of people’s difficulties and develop the right colour solutions to release blockages and correct imbalances, as well as amplify innate abilities. Supporting people during their personal transformations is the most important thing I do.

My technique and approach opens you up to a rainbow of possibilities, just like a flower when the sun shines on it. Once you understand and accept the gentle yet powerful effect colour has on you and everything around you, you can begin to live the life you know you deserve to have and glow with harmony, freedom, joy and ease.

Personalised 1-2-1 Program

As an international Colour Therapist, she conducts personalised Skype sessions in order to service clients all over the world. Her specialty is helping people who are enduring difficulties and don’t know how or where to begin to improve.   Clients often come to her feeling unhappy, confused, dissatisfied, overwhelmed or experiencing personal conflict; particularly professional women wanting clarity or fulfilment. She also works with people who are currently unwell or have been diagnosed with illnesses like depression or cancer, who are keen to explore non-invasive methods for holistic wellness. Her clients are those who are ready for healing, change and real transformation and freedom like never before.

There are a number of different  Personalised 1-2-1 Programs to suit each persons need:

  1. YOUR COLOUR CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION, using a Colour Diagnostic Chart and self-assessment of your current experience, where you will have an energy clearing and realignment, and uncover where your blocks are an what level they are and the message and understanding behind your current life experience.  You receive a written personalised report outlining what this means for you along wih the colours that you need and how to use them to balance and support you.  In addition you have my support for 1 week.
    This takes things to a whole new level as we work together for 6 weeks. Here you get your very own diagnostic reading like in the colour clarity breakthrough. Your Colour Personality Blue Print Report an exploration of who you are, what qualities you have been born with and what you have available to help you now and what you have come back to learn.  A further energy clearing and soul realignment to your soul colours. Your Colour Diagnostic Chart review and we deep-dive into healing, removing blocks, integration and moving forward into the life you’ll love!
  3. THE HEART CENTERED ENERGY AWARE ENTREPRENEUR  In this packagedsessions using the secret power of colour and my intuitie abilites I shed some light on those dark spots or shadows, so you can be SEEN for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.I clear, release, and revive you on a cellular level, just like de-cluttering a home, I de-clutter you, on a phsycial, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level.  This way nothing will hold you back.Then I show you your innate soul attributes and colours and weave them into you so you are aligned to your own truth and this will  give you so much clarity.  It will have you  feeling lighter, coming from a place of plenty and refuelled, firing on all cynlinders in a very short time.And in tandum you will find you will be living a life of synchronicity, attracting your ideal clients. And you will have your business work for you, and not you working for your business.  THE RESULT =  PURE BLISS!
The Academy of Holistic Colour Coaching And Healing

Are you interested in becoming a Colour Therapist? Would you like to supplement your current alternative therapy business (e.g. reiki, life coaching, kinesiology, massage) with colour? This  Colour Therapy course teaches you everything you need to know to practice as a Colour Therapist Coach and Healer, whether you want to start a new business or just gain a deeper understanding of colour.

This is a Practitioner Course running for 10 months and covers subjects like:

  • Colour Therapy theory
  • The history of colour
  • Healing with colour
  • Colour Therapy techniques
  • Colour psychology
  • Auras and chakras
  • Soul Realignment
  • Colour Numerolgy and Your Soul Colour Blueprint
  • Colour meditation
  • Using colour with other alternative therapies
  • Cellular Healing
  • Art Therapy
  • Crystals
  • Mandalas and much more

Would you like to know more about Colour Therapy sessions or training? Get in touch for a free 1-hour Discovery Consultation with Marcia today.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Marcia has put me ‘back on track’. I now feel I can move forward with a clearer idea of what I need to do and how I need to do it. I am feeling more positive and settled than I have done in a long time. I have had a couple of ‘knocks’ since completing the 1-2-1 program and have found that I have bounced back from them much quicker than I normally would have. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be successful in my new venture. I had a gut feeling that working with Marcia was going to be a game changer for me. I would 100% recommend you to work with Marcia. The journey she takes you on is not a conventional one but trust the process, you may be very surprised by the outcome :)” Nicola


“Marcia’s enthusiasm and amazing knowledge led me to discover so much about myself, and my qualities and abilities. She truly has a gift with colours and numerology. Her kind heart and compassion always made me feel a real connection and sense of joint discovery.” Claudia