What does march have in store for you?

March is here and it brings us a fresh start. The colour for March 2017 is golden yellow. You have the permission to press that reset button and start all over again. To go for what you really want, that big uncomfortable wish that you would absolutely love to come to fruition.

Golden yellow is here to help you stand into your power, own it and be present in it. This power is the Divine Feminine Power. The kind of power that gives you strength. A lovely grounded connected feeling and a great sense of self belief, nourishment and unconditional love.

Yes this is the month where you get to say I CAN DO IT. This is the month where three months into 2017 it feels like a new year. In fact I feel it is this month that the red energy of 2017 is finally in full flow. Fueling the yellow vibration of this month and bringing things to life.

Nature is our greatest teacher and if you look up at sun it shines and glows and very much makes its presence felt as it knows that it brings light to one and all. This month we are being encouraged to look within, bring out our own light from behind the clouds.

Looking at the picture above and seeing that sun shine glow you can’t but help feel good. The warmth, the smiles, the joy and the brightness around when the sun is out is lovely to watch. Harness the golden yellow this month and I want you to ask yourself this question. What would I be doing is I believe I can do it? Then go and make this happen with the support of March energy.

March will give you a spring in your step and help you make things happen. Already I have seen the evenings are getting brighter, and there is a lovely crisp feeling in the air where you just feel the energy revive you. Ride of the golden yellow and lets bring your dreams to life.

You are being encouraged to trust yourself more, ask for more, be more, all from a place of being in your power. This means you don’t have to ask for anyone’s opinion because you know as you tap into your inner guidance, or from the excitement that you feel when you think of doing something.

This month is lighter, you can start to take a breather and acknowledge where you have come and all the accomplishments you have made so far. Well done you!

If you have been thinking you are ready to fully own your power and would love some support with that so you can really start living your soul mission and really harness the energy of March to make your mark and change in the world, then I am offering three free discovery calls. Click here to apply, and I will get back to you in 48 hours.

Red means business in January 2017 and this year

Red means business in 2017!

Is it me but has this month just flown??  It’s no wonder when it is such a strong energy month this year, the fact that red is the energy of January but this year also carries the red energy giving off the feeling of things speeding up.

I am finding that shifts are happening fast and furiously which can be great but this is when you need the grounding most, to steady yourself,  to be able to birth the changes that are being birthed within and around you.

Red is not a time waster, red is inspired action, energy, the leader who takes her place, walks confidently up that red carpet and oozes sex appeal in her red sleek dress.

It is a warming colour which believes in love and romance and while it can be brash she has a great heart.  We are in for a ride this year, a year that won’t accept mediocary anymore, you are being called now to LIVE your life and LIVE your mission. What does it mean to live?

Well to live means you wake up each day and you have this gratitude in your heart, joy flows through you and you feel so grounded and connected.  You let your emotions flow, the red frustration, the anger, the perseverance, the impatience because you are curious about what these emotions want to tell you.

You wake up another day with love running through you, you feel energised, happy and so secure in yourself and your life that you feel the strength that runs down into the core of your Earth star and down into the core of the earth.

While this year is red, red will challenge you because it knows you deserves the best.  Yesterday I had a download and I did a Facebook Live to share what came.  Click here to access the Video.

I have two places available for someone who is looking to really step up, and go after their dreams, to live and feel the greatness that is here for us all.   Watch the Facebook live and if it speaks to you and you are interested in going all out , then book a 30 minute chat next week.  Here is the link to my diary, Marcia’s diary.

What if you couldn’t fail?


I am here to tell you, you can’t fail, because there is no such thing as failure.  Failure is an illusion.
Failure comes from an ego based mentality, failure came from the old system.
I am here to tell you, we are now living in a new paradigm, a paradigm where LOVE, POWER, KINDNESS, PEACE and POSSIBILITY are the reality.
Whatever you are going through now, where ever you are in your life right now, it is as a result of past thinking actions,emotional states, past lives lived and NOW is the time to acknowledge all the lessons, all the knowledge and RECONNECT with the ESSENCE of WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU REPRESENT.  In one word that is LOVE.
We all come from a source of LOVE and LIGHT.  If I was to look beyond your physical body I would only see LIGHT.
So today I am here to ASK YOU, Are you ready to STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT ?
Are you ready to STEP INTO YOUR POWER?
Because from this place, Failure doesn’t exist.  How would you be feeling if you knew failure isn’t an option.
What would you be doing if failure wasn’t an option?
What result would that be creating in your life?
For one day LIVE from this PLACE of POWER, LOVE, LIGHT and KINDNESS.  Bring it into everything you do for one day and let me know how that serves you and your life and your experience.
Your mission here on this plane is to STEP INTO THIS PARADIGM AND YOUR LIGHT, and LIFT THIS PLANET, and THE PEOPLE ON IT TO A PLACE OF BLISSFUL LIVING.  If you are  curious to know how you can actually have this as your reality, where you are ready to co-create from a place of wholeness, a place of light, where you will live in this powerful magical paradigm living from a place of fulfillment, light, love and deeper wisdom, where magic, adventure and lightness are your natural state of being…. then click here to book a Free 30 minute chat to explore more 1-2-1, you and me. 🙂 xx

Colour and Money


Did you ever consider that there is a link between colour and money?

Are you aware that colour is an energy and by tapping into this knowledge and power you can be aligned to abundance and wealth in a whole new light?

I am honoured to have been interviewed by Eleyne Mari, a leading Colour Expert. We discuss the energy of money and colour and I take you through an exercise at the end. This 30 minute interview on Blog Talk Radio is well worth listening to. It is very informative and I explain why maybe despite all the mantras and mindset work you have been doing still has you no further forward in terms of your money story. To listen to this interview that sheds great light on this topic Click Here

I have some great news for you. As September is linked to Gold, from an energy point of view this is the month to focus on money, wealth, and abundance.

If you are looking to change your money story and learn more about how to activate your own unique money activator then join my exclusive 7 Day Video Program with Facebook support and access to me Marcia so you can really harness the energy of money and abundance in your life.

You can avail of a hugely discounted offer of €19.97 instead of €197 until 5th September. This program is going to be a life changer. So far there has been 100% success rate after this process.

The question can you afford not to?

It’s time to stop your money story stopping you, it’s time to learn the truth about money, the energy and how it’s gifted by source.

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The results from other participants has been £1,200 within 2 days, finding their dream home well within their price range, another was approached for a business opportunity which changed her business.

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The colour of joy and its power!

joyI am in a Joyful June Bootcamp led by Melanie Bundock for the month of June and I have been amazed at its impact in connecting in with the energy of joy. I actually was one of the guest speakers in this bootcamp talking about joy and the colour associated with joy, you can catch the interview here. I go through a joy activation exercise.
I have learnt an awful lot about joy since embarking on this bootcamp. Feeling joyful spills into every other feeling. It gives you greater energy and vitality, a sense of excitement about living, and an ability to stay steady even when things don’t go according to plan.

me and mel
So it is no wonder really that the colour of joy is yellow. Yellow is the colour of the sun, it fills up a space and makes everything that bit brighter, lighter and joyful. And sure who doesn’t feel good when the sun shines?! A warm sunny day has a way of making you feel happy and joyful for no reason. I have even noticed more people smiling on a sunny day.

Yellow can lift you up, spring clean your system, and have you feeling more confident and give you a spring clean and fresher outlook. A great way to bring in yellow is to try out having a slice of lemon in water each day and you will see that you will feel clear, and clean from the inside out and it is also great at keeping your energetic field clear too.
Yellow will have you wanting to try out things just for the fun of it. It brings in a sense of curiosity to living and you will find less attachment prevails at the outcome.

When I watched the live interview between Melanie and Bob Doyle, the joy and the laughter for a full hour was a tonic. I was smiling from my heart right up to my head, giddy just like I was as a child. I had a grin that spread across my face that spread into the next day.
Mel and Bob

When we are joyful nothing can faze us. This was even proven on the live interview, where a technology glitch had Melanie kicked out and Bob Doyle took over without a hitch and we had great giggles and nobody was fazed. It really didn’t matter what happened because we were all having so much fun.

A few minutes later Melanie arrived back and slipped right back to where she left off like a pro, radiating joy and enthusiasm. You can catch the interview by clicking here. I can promise that it will spark joy in you.

Bob Doyle has a great attitude, he just does every day what brings him joy. It started off as an intention early this year and he felt so good and had such great experiences that he is living it every day. It is his new way of ‘doing’ and ‘being’. He has his own Bob Doyle Show, you can follow him by clicking here. You can’t but be affected by his positive attitude, enjoying being himself.

If you want to connect more with joy then there is still time to get in on Melanie’s bootcamp, click here to request to join.

Let theSUNSHINE in with YELLOW

Joy actually can keep you feeling younger. Just like yellow it never fades, it gets brighter, joy can have you feeling brighter from the inside out and younger as a result. Go out and get some yellow flowers, as yellow is in this season, treat yourself to some clothing in yellow and you will see it will have you glow a more joyful ray. 🙂



Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.


Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

How does that very phrase make you feel as you read it?

I know for me, this realization gave me the greatest sense of relief.  I just love that realization.

As a nation we are taught that we HAVE to do things, we HAVE to be a certain way, we HAVE to fit in, we HAVE to abide by rules.

Check in with the feeling and vibration of the word HAVE, oooh its heavy, it has a kinda mossy green colour associated with it that actually tends to sit like a ton of bricks on the heart.

But if you were to view it another way, and see that you CAN just un-become anything that really doesn’t resonate with you, then you can start to feel a whole lot lighter and liberated. Then you feel you are not losing anything because it wasn’t you in the first place.


Just like when you look at these leaves, they are all leaves but they are very different in colour, shape and size, just like you are like no other.  There is no one in the world like you, we are here to bring out and use our own unique gifts in our own unique way, with the global cause of service.  Coming from a place of service, making a difference, it can be as simple as a reassuring word, or a big as having a global presence, but it all has the same effect.

Now more than ever it is essential for us to look within and get to know our own uniqueness, our own essence, who we really are, what is the calling of our own unique heart and then live by the beat of our own unique heart, rather than follow the heart beat of others calling.  Quite often we get lost in the thoughts of how we or it should or shouldn’t be.

This is what I work on in my personalised 1-2-1 programs, they are personalised because no two people are the same, each person needs a different tool or technique, but the funny thing is the result tends to be the same.  They feel lighter, happier, more connected to themselves but different  in a way that words can’t describe, as  the unique work I do using colour and spirit as my toolkit, it resonates with the uniqueness of each person from where they are at.

This is what is involved in my personalised 1-2-1 Programs, one of my lovely clients Breege describes it so well of what it means to un-become something.

“I discovered Colour Harmonie completely by accident at a time in my life when I was encountering a number of blocks that seemed surmountable. I was looking for a practical and tangible way of addressing these old issues. Colour fits the bill in so many ways, so finding Colour Harmonie was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Marcia’s enthusiasm for what she does is very inspiring, and obvious from the first time you speak to her. The colour blueprint that she prepared for me took my breath away with its level of detail (colour!) and the insight into some challenges that I was encountering at the time. It also helped me to reacquaint myself with aspects of myself that I had forgotten about. I consider myself to be quite introvert but Marcia pointed out that one of “my” colours is yellow, which would suggest that I am a great networker (her exact words!). After digesting this information, I suddenly remembered that I always seem to know the right person to get in touch with. How could I have forgotten that I am frequently approached by family, friends and colleagues for advice on who to contact for a given reason???  This is only one example of what we came up with during the face-to-face session.

Marcia has a gift of explaining things in a concise way, and at helping her clients look at situations / blocks from a fresh angle. What is also wonderful about her is that her intuition is spot on, and she knows exactly when to follow up with you, at a time when you really need nurturing”. Breege Smith

So Breege, she unbecame the quite introvert and recognised her innate ability of being the go to person.

So if you would like to explore this concept, and journey with me 1-2-1 on my Colour Clarity Breakthrough or True Colours Program, then the first step is to fill in a questionnaire, click here to access it.  I will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if we go the next step, which is a  FREE 1 hour discovery call, where together we look at where you are, where you want to go and what could be stopping you, and uncover if this program could unlock you to living your life on your terms.

If we determine that this is right for you, you will see during our work, that as my work is an inside out process it will filter into every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Just like when you turn on a light in a room it fills every corner of the room rather than parts of the room. In the work I do it sheds light on every aspect of your life and so it lights up every corner of your life. 🙂


The Raising Agent in Your Money Story

cupcake-252805_1920The recipe for an abundant life with financial freedom is similar to that of a cake. If you omit a key ingredient such as the raising agent, your cake will be a total flop no matter how delicious the other ingredients are.

Over the last few months when it comes to people’s money stories this is what I have been finding. They know all about the law of attraction, they have worked on their limiting beliefs, mind set, karma and the like and yet it all seems short lived.

I found this out for myself. Up to a few months ago I’d find that I could earn money alright but I couldn’t hold on to it. Until one day I had an epiphany. I was given golden information on how to release unsavory money energy stories. I was shown an energetic money activator within all beings, which can be dormant and needs to be activated in order for money to flow easily and effortlessly.

I was given colour codes to open this portal to the treasures of abundance within. The effects of this technique is that Money starts to flow and you experience wonderful gifts, like being treated to dinner, pay rises, clients appearing from nowhere, unexpected experiences where you meet people that give you the exact information or nugget you had wished for, the one that is a game changer to your business model and you are filled with gratitude.

Life feels more joyful, and you feel so much lighter. You feel the flow of energy in you, around you and it’s like a magic spell has been sprinkled upon you. There is an excitement that sits in the solar plexus and moves in to the heart and chest, and you just can’t find the words to describe what has happened.

The only way I can describe it is compare it to the raising agent. This is why all the law of attraction efforts have been short lived or the positive affirmations aren’t quite doing the trick. It isn’t you, it is the fact that the energy side of money was dormant, and this showed up as blockages, because energy needs to move, energy creates all the time and if it can’t move, it can’t create.

It becomes stuck and stagnant and like the cake baking, instead of a nice risen cake experience, you have a flopped cake, despite you following the recipe.

colour codes to open this portal to the treasures of abundance within.

Since February I have been putting this to the test with my 1-2-1 clients and my colour graduate club members and the results are brilliant. I’m more convinced than ever.

In April on my birthday I ran a paid online workshop called ‘How to attract more money with colour’ and subsequently I created a Facebook support group and have seen significant shifts there too.

In 98% of cases it works. For the other 2%, extra attention is needed. When the energy moves there are significant shifts and so the person needs to understand what is going on. These light bulbs ensure that it is eventually integrated 100% into the energetic system, but it may take a bit more time. The group support and my expertise are needed to keep the momentum going and ensure there aren’t any setbacks.

Now I have decided to make this public so I am opening up a Nine Week Money Maker Course for you to experience this and have me support you through the process. You’ll also be given access to the private Facebook page for one year. Click here if you too would like to have your cake and eat it. 😉 Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

The Month of May offerings…

13236183_10208496188496790_918327145_nI don’t know about you but I am loving May this year. It has a softness and a gentle expansiveness tone. It is sparking opportunities for those who have done the inner work and made the outer changes to reflect the renewed self. Now you are going to have a few emotional days as turquoise is associated with healing our emotions and bringing us back into balance, but overall it is a month where you can start to feel good. It is about enjoying the present moment and seeing what the future brings. The reason I know this, is because May this year is associated with Turquoise..

You see Turquoise has many uses as a colour in terms of healing and self-discovery, It is a heart opener where it connects your heart with what you say. When we are speaking from our hearts we not only feel good but we feel more connected, confident, hopeful and we believe in possibilities.

Turquoise is made up of ‘green’ and ‘blue’, with green bringing in the harmony, healing, balance and abundance and it is getting us to look at our finances too! While the blue is taking us into visibility and expansiveness that we all need to make the most of this golden energy of 2016, making it a year of change, prosperity, wealth, prosperity; sacrifice and completion that is shaken us up, and turning us inside out and upside down but know that in the end you will come up smelling of roses. 🙂
This is one of the reasons I decided to host the Colour Therapy Training Retreat last weekend because this retreat is all about expansivenss, connecting to your heart and being more visible and grounded in who you are. The next colour course will start in September and there is a reason why I have chosen Spetember, it’s all based on the colour and energy of that particular month, so stay tuned on that one… Living in terms of connecting with the energy helps let go of any resistance and to live more in the flow of what wants to unfold.
May in itself brings possibilities and hope, it’s when we see the flowers begin to bloom, the month where we see those lovely lambs being born and skipping wildly around the fields, and the little calf’s, and the birds’ nests with little baby birds, signaling birthing. I just love primroses, they remind me of walking in the woods as a child and so when I see primroses my heart flutters with delight.

I was then thinking about how we use the word ‘May’ in our life and I just found it magical. When we use MAY it signals that it could be possible, such as the way I respond to my kids with a MAYBE when they want another cookie or to watch television. 😉 We also send off wishes to others as we say May you have life of plenty or I love the Irish saying ‘Go n-éirí an bóthar leat’, meaning may the road rise to meet you.
I then came across these lovely words at the top of this page and I thought this is what May is all about and this is my wish for you this month. So embrace the offerings of May and the turquoise colour and energy. It is here to connect you with your hearts desires.

I am running a FREE Online Masterclass,“How to attract all the clients you want with colour” on 26th May 8pm UK, 9pm Belgian, 3pm EST for business owners on “How to attract all the clients you want with colour”.

If you want to know how you can harness colour for your own business success, join in on this masterclass, an insightful interactive and fun Masterclass is promised.:) CLICK HERE to register.

On the eve of my 43rd birthday

One the eve of my 43rd birthday...

Here I am on the eve of my 43rd birthday, reflecting about where I have come from all those years ago when I first entered into this world at 12.05 am the 7th April 1973, after my twin sister who was born at midnight.  I was just 3lbs, born by forceps and put straight in to an incubator where I remained for 6 weeks, and was taken out from time to time for cuddles by the nurses and my parents. My Mother told me the doctors told her I was a fighter and a survivor and that it would be this drive inside me that would keep me alive.  They were right. 🙂

Today I have also been thinking of my Mother who this time 43 years ago was in the throws of a very difficult labour and who gifted us with so much love that has carried us through life, and enabled us to show that love and share that love with those we connect with.  She passed 4 years ago and is still missed terribly, so a candle in a pink glass is being lit for her, and I will most likely have a brandy tomorrow on her behalf.  She earned it! 🙂

Having done all the energy work these last 20 years I have  learn’t the greater meaning of what made me who I am today, the forceps birth had me put myself under pressure, some of which was unnecessary pressure all because my first experience into the world was pressure in my head from the forceps.  As my home was an incupbator for the first six weeks of my life, it is no doubt that having my own home and property were important to me.  I have reprogrammed all of that over my 43 year history.

Working with colour has been my profound gift, I have got to know my souls colour blue print and how that influences why I am the way I am, what I have come back to learn, what colour is there to support me and what colour and attributes I have inside me to draw upon.  You know we are given so much to give us every possibilty to shine and live an abundant fulfilled life.

Out of all the years of my life I feel this past year has been my most significant.  As I took my walk today,  I was thinking about the miracle of life and I got the message ‘you are a miracle worker’.  I feel this is what this last year has been all about for me,  to accept and acknowledge that I am a miracle worker, which of course is enabled by my guides and Angels. But they have chosen me to carry out this work and be the enabler to free people to be their infinite beautiful, shiny selves.

It has been a tough year on one hand,  too many sleepless nights with three young kids, then there were the times where I didn’t have or get what I wanted or expected but on the other hand I have learn’t something amazing.  That what I want isn’t necessarily what I need and the importance of Divine timing.  I have learn’t to not push but to accept, to be patient, a tough one for an Aries, to manoeuvre and give way to another way, follow and trust my guidance, receive support and help and to enjoy every moment because there is always a higher meaning and blessing to any of life’s experience.   And how now we are being guided to do things differently and be the leaders of this more fulfilling and new way of being, thats serves our highest good and the good of all concerned.   And today that was sealed with the message of me seeing and accepting myself as a miracle worker.  We are all miracles.

I have for the first time in my life truly feel confident in myself and my abilities as a person and as a coach, teacher, trainer and colour therapist.  I have this week realised that my mission behind the work I do is that everyone I touch finds liberation,  inner and outer peace and feels lighter, energised and are encouraged to confidently follow the calling of their heart and stand up and stand out to glow their true colours, to keep rising all the while glowing their own unique light.

So as I go into this new year and with the energy of the new moon on my birthday 7th April, its bringing “freedom of spirit and expansion of soul. The new moon energy wants us to be reminded of the words of William Blake. We are always aware, and yet unaware, of this simple, subtle, and incontrovertible fact that we know in our hearts but yet not always in our heads, that “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

I have learn’t something profound about money, these last few weeks.  That it’s not only an energy, but it has a colour and a personality, and if we treat money like a personality, to feel welcomed, respected, bountiful and plentiful it can  serve everyone for the greater good.  That the lack of money doesn’t have to do with beliefs and all the other things you have been told, it goes deeper than that.  Like a coin with two sides, there are two sides to anyones money story, you too are made of two sides the mind/ego and soul/spirit, the sun and moon, up and down, day and night.

And so as I sit here and reflect and appreciate all this past year has taught me,  and my mission of bringing greater peace, freedom and lightness and joy to the world, I have decided to offer you an opportunity to experience this money colour formula, at a fraction of the price.

So on Wednesay 13th April at 9pm CET, I will be running an online workshop on How to attract more money with colour.  This is normally €495, but as its my 43rd birthday I will be giving it to you for €43.  You will experience the healing and what this formula is all about and have your money blocks cleared and transformed.

I know maybe you think I have gone mad as the reaction I have had from those I shared this with said ‘thats incredibly generous.” That may be so but it means that we can celebrate together and if money is holding you back from glowing your true colours then I am giving you the opportunity to change that on 13th April.

As this inspiration came today, I am having my web team prepare the registration page, so if you want to be sent this offer then drop me an email at, and I will ensure you get sent the information and registration details.  Wishing you a great new moon and rest of the week.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying my birthday with my lovely boys, little girl and my husband.  Killian my 5 year old is all excited as he said he wants to give me a transformer!  Aren’t I a lucky Mum.  I am going to enjoy the exictement with them.  They love birthdays, if you don’t jump to their commands you are threatened with not being invited to their birthdays. 🙂  So looking forward to seeing what they have in store for me.



In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

Years ago, I was living in London getting up at 6am Monday to Friday to take the train and tube to work in Tower hill and returning home at 7pm.

I suffered severe stomach problems where the medical field said there was nothing showing up and so labelled it IBS (irritable bowels syndrome) and I just had to live with it.

On top of that I yearned to meet a decent compatible spiritual guy, settle down, have kids and follow my passion.

Even though I didn’t know what that passion was I knew there was more than I was experiencing.

One evening having come home late I thought something has got to change otherwise 10 years down the line and I will be in the same boat and filled with regret.

Around that time my friend from Ireland had sent me a letter asking for information on various therapies she was considering training in.

So when the information came in I read it and the one on colour therapy got me curious.  I loved that it had a spiritual aspect, it was scientific, practical and I loved colour.

So I picked up the phone and asked if I could have a session to try it and she told me it wasn’t possible, but she was offering a certificate course of 6 months if I was interested.

She told me about her book and so I asked her to send me the book.

When the book arrived inside was written ‘Follow your heart’. As I read the book I loved it.  I loved the soul colour numerology, and stories of how colour changed the lives of many.  It was so fascinating.

So this is what went on in my head as I contemplated what to do.

“Will I really have the time to give to the course with my busy life.”

“I’ll wait for a sign, but what if I don’t recognize the sign.”

“I have tried other things and they were all short lived.”

“It’s a lot of money, how can I afford it, maybe I will wait another year.

“What if it isn’t for me.”

“I don’ know anyone on the course and I have to drive to Surrey each month and stay there”

“I’m not ready, I will do another bit of exploring and then I will decide.”

“Sure what’s the rush.”

“It sounds interesting all the same”.

“Life is too short.”

“I rarely do something for me, always thinking of others.  It’s time to put myself on the receiving end for a change.”

“There is nothing sure in life, and if this has presented itself then there must be a bigger picture, that I can’t see right now.”

So just like a loyal friend who never gives up on you, the Universe never gave up on me and despite all these doubts, the course kept coming into my mind, and in the end I took a chance on me, and I invested in myself and booked on the course despite the fear that screamed at me as I said yes.  I am going to do this.

I suppose looking back I had reached a certain point in my life where I was tired of dreaming and wanted my desires to be real, and I knew what I was doing wasn’t working and I just needed to do something different.

Did I feel ready as I headed off on my first weekend?  NO absolutely not!

But I made a decision I was going for this and if nothing else I would have a certificate at the end of it that might serve me one day.  I decided it’s now or never and let’s face it, I wasn’t getting any younger.   And what if I’d regret it and let fear hold me back from doing something I this course, and it will be nice to be surrounded by people who are curious about self-development and spiritual stuff too.

Well was I soooo happy I said YES.

6 weeks into the course my stomach issues miraculously disappeared, within 5 months I had changed jobs, bought my dream car, a silver Volkswagen golf, and bought a flat, that I had spent 14 years talking about.

I learn’t so much about myself, I felt different inside, and I fell in love with myself.
I joked “I love me who do you love”.

People at work were saying to me “you look different, what’s different about you?”

I was just blown away at all the changes in me and my life and so quickly.

I wanted to share this with you because registration for The Holistic Colour Coaching and Healing Certficate closes in 1 week!

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really want to take this next step, but are telling yourself similar things then I strongly encourage you to join us.

Because I can promise you this…

You’ll never feel ready to make the impact you were put on this earth to make.

You must find the courage and do whatever your heart is telling you to do, now.

Whether that means The Academy or some other brave move — like Nike says DARE TO JUST DO IT!

Let yourself have 1 – 2 hours a week to nourish you, your body, mind, soul, spirit.

As the saying goes, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

This year specifically is the end of a cycle, it’s a year made to align you more with your souls calling and connecting in with your infinite power.  If you would like to explore if this golden opportunity is just what you are wishing for, lets talk. Click here to schedule your free 30 minute chat, so we can uncover what your golden nugget is.