Healing, trust, loyalty, peace, communication, unfaithful.
Cultivate your powers of communication.

Blue induces feelings of peace and trust and has a cooling and calming effect on our senses. Blue relates to the throat chakra and the thyroid Gland, therefore encouraging communication. Blue eases sore throats, is an anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic, relieves stings, itchiness and rashes and fevers.
The colour of the sea and sky, expansive lively blue, the colour of self-expression, trust and healing. The most popular colour, it can be Peaceful serene and sedating. Negatives of blue, can be drawn, closed, cold, unfaithful and inexpressive.
Those drawn to blue feel a sense of protection, care and responsibility to others and the universe. Are you holding onto something or someone that no longer serves you? Or do you feel blue and lonely? You need to nourish the part of you that you long to do something worthwhile and to find a new direction. Blue is the gateway between the physical and spiritual and helps to realise our souls purpose and express our creative ideas.
Blue is the communicator of the spectrum and has a clearing and cleansing effect. Sky blue is the communication between the physical and spiritual world. Always think about what you say as words contain energies that are released when me utter them.

Colour Affirmation: I Am at Peace in Blue

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