Harmony, decisive, honesty, heart, space, envious.
Green generates success, balance and prosperity.

Green links with the heart chakra, and is linked to our self-esteem and how me think of ourselves. It influences the whole of the Chest, including lungs and the heart. Green is a great reliever of stress, regulates blood pressure, the nervous system soothes And relaxes the heart and calms the whole physical and emotional body. Green is generous, compassionate and connects I to feelings of love, not only towards yourself, but also to others and the world around us.
If you are drawn to green, a change of scenery is needed to rejuvenate your spirit and give you a fresh outlook. You may feel You need some space right now and some you time. Do you lack clear goals or a sense of purpose, or do you have a clear sense direction? Green is the colour associated with spring and new growth and of decay found in rotted vegetation. Green is a lucky colour and attracts abundance, money, prosperity, and success. The negatives of green are envy, deceit, jealousy, and mean. Accept and value your gifts and talents and give yourself the space you need. Enjoy nature. Your strength in love, life and work is balance.

Colour Affirmation: I Live and Breathe in Green Harmony and Abundance

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