Enthusiasm, fun, health, creativity, despondent, proud.
Orange energy brings joy and creativity.

Orange is the colour of health and vitality, lifting our spirits, our emotions and encouraging I to feel liberated and happy. It increases our self-confidence and enthusiasm for life. Orange helps bring up, accept, release and heal deep, long standing hurts. Orange awakens our inner potential, sparks our creativity, makes I confident and urges I to communicate our inner feelings. It is the most sociable colour of the spectrum, and is the colour of relations and relationships.
Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, the lower party of abdomen and spine. Areas of influence are gut instincts, emotions, exercise, movement and vitality. Orange energises our digestive system, our sexual organs, on the circulatory and reproductive systems, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and bladder. When out of balance you may suffer problems with the absorption of food, constipation, yeast overgrowth and eating disorders are amongst the most common symptoms.

Colour Affirmation: With Orange I Am Embracing Life Fully

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