Courage, perseverance, passion, love, survival, attention.
Dynamic red energy can bring inspiration and success.

Red is the colour of our physical self, our base chakra – the lower part of the spine down to the feet, including the hands. Red is linked with the heart and blood and is associated with love, life and sexuality. Red energy supports the nervous system, the movement of blood, strengthens the bones and encourages the constant renewal of healthy cells. It energises the adrenal glands.
Red uplifts and helps to alleviate feelings of lethargy and inertia. It can also make I feel agitated and increase feelings of anger, anxiety and frustration. Red can cause hyperactivity, making it difficult to rest and relax. The fiery heat of red increases our sexual drive and sexual pleasure. It gives I the determination and will to move forward. Negative Red can be domineering, aggressive, insensitive, impatient and sexually deviant.

The choice of red can indicate you are tired, feel drained, dull and exhausted and you are in need of a boost. Do you have security issues, need stability, need to persevere with something at the moment or need the courage to take the first step?

Colour Affirmation: With Red I Am Successful

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