Clarity, discernment, confidence, awareness, pessimistic, vindictive.
Yellow generates happiness, confidence and positivity.

The yellow ray helps stimulate the mind, making it good for study. It is good for intellectual pursuits and its expansive qualities make for a clear, logical mind. Yellow opens awareness to new ideas and interests. It is the colour of self and the ego. It represents the solar plexus 2 – 3 inches above the naval. It feeds and supports the nervous system and the skin as well as the stomach and lymph system.
Yellow can give I confidence and will lessen feelings of inadequacy, and help I feel empowered. Yellow is an energiser, relieves exhaustion, boosts digestion and speeds up the elimination of waste products and toxins in the body.
The choice of yellow can indicate you feel fearful, anxious or vulnerable. Be aware that endless searching outside of yourself for knowledge prevents you from connecting to your inner voice and your innate wisdom and guidance.

Colour Affirmation: With Yellow I Open to Happiness and Spontaneity

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