Colour Vision Board Workshops

Colour Vision Board Workshops

Bringing your vision to life – and achieving your dreams, desires and intentions.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes visually represent ing what you would like to experience more of in your life. In addition you use the specific colour vibration needed to attract what you want in your life. This coupled with visioning techniques means you align yourself to your desires and so the Universe can deliver easily and faster. The result: A happy, fulfilling life in an Instant!

Pictures and colour are more powerful than words.  By putting your desires on paper and truly visualising and emotionally connecting to them, you make them real.

Vision Board Sample


Visioning techniques and vision boards are helping 
thousands of people to manifest their dreams!


Colour Vision Board Workshop (in English and French)

Are you ready to discover how to create and realise the life of your dreams?

During this workshop you will:

  • Create your very own vision board
  • Energetically align yourself to all of your dreams and desires
  • Learn techniques to help you manifest the life you dream of having!
  • Vision Board can reveal what makes you tick, and inspires the Universe to make it happen
    through the power of thought,intent and colour!

    This workshop is for you if you:
  • Dream of being, doing, and having more in your life.
  • Are looking for new direction in your life.
  • Want to live your life feeling fulfilled, healthy, happy and connected to a sense of purpose.
  • Want to make the most of the spring energy.
  • As part of this class me will check to see if there is anything blocking you from realising your dreams and this will be released during the workshop.

    You will energetically connect to your visions, and open yourself up to the endless possibilities and opportunities available to you. This is a truly magical,fun and effective experience.


    Friday 11th January 2013 from 09h30 to 12h00 (In French)
    Tuesday 15th January 2013 from 19h00 to 21h30 (In English)


    La Sagesse Intérieure, Rue Général Léman 32, Brussels, Belgium, near Place Jourdan and the European Institutions (view a map here)

    Nearest metro: Schuman
    Bus Line : 80 and 60
    Cost :€ 50 (Price includes all materials, beverages and savoury and sweet snacks. Feel free to bring yoiur own magazines and pictures you want to use.

    Book Now! Call or Email Marcia on 0473/ 67 73 41 Or

    Stop struggling with where you want to be and come spend a few hours having some fun and putting your visions into action.  It’s a small investment for something that could pay off in a big way for you!