How to enhance your life by making the most of your space with colourful ideas and spacious techniques

How to enhance your life by making the most of your space with colourful ideas and spacious techniques

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.”– Winston Churchill
My hallway beforeHallway after
This is where I added colour therapy to my hallway, the before and after effects. See how the expansive blue and turquoise opens up the space and welcomes you to a place of peace, abundance and light. This workshop will reveal how to colour therapy your home and how to create the effect you want through the right colour choice.
Join me and colleague Francesca Puccio and learn how to improve your life one room at a time!

  • Do you have a room that you don’t use to its full potential?
  • Do you feel like parts of your home lack “personality”?
  • Are you putting off improving your space because you don’t really know what to do?
  • Do you feel like this space can be used much more efficiently and intelligently?
  • Are you fed up with the way your space looks and feels?

    Then you need fresh ideas and an easy plan to implement so you get the most out of this space!

    Here Francesca transforms the space, creating a restful bedroom with her spacious techniques.

    During this workshop you will:
  • Work on a space of your choice
  • Get input from me on how to choose the right colour to create your desired effect.
  • Learn how to enhance your space with spacious techniques and tips from Renovation Specialist Francesca Puccio.

    During the workshop you will receive:
  • Individual guidance from Marcia & Francesca to suit you & your personal space.
  • Colour tips and spacious techniques on how to make the most of your home.
  • A workbook with simple tips to make your home more alive, peaceful and right for you.

    You will leave the workshop:
  • With an action plan on how to do to transform one room of your choice.
  • Inspired by new ideas.
  • Empowered to create your dream home.

    What to bring?
  • Please bring one or two photos of the room/space you want to transform.
  • We will provide everything else.

    When and where?

    Sunday 17th June – from 15h00 to 17h30
    La Sagesse Intérieure
    32 Rue General Leman
    1040 Brussels

    Price:Early Bird Offer: €50 – if you book before 10th June
    Regular price: €60
    Registration: please go to