Holistic Colour Coaching and Healing Certification

Holistic Colour Coaching and Healing Certification


Join Marcia in The Academy of Holistic Colour Coaching and Healing for the journey of a life time…

  • Could you imagine reconnecting with yourself  at a whole new level, living the life you know you deserve to have?
  • Do you feel something hasn’t quite clicked despite all the inner work, holistic courses and qualifications you have?
  • Do you love colour and know there is something more deeper, magical and transformational that you aren’t accessing? 
  • Do you feel you can’t get out of the rut of taking two steps forwards and ten steps back?
  • What if you could learn a proven tool that could help you in every day living to feel strong, confident, connected and be your full self.
  • What if you could change your path for the rest of your life?
  • What if you could speak your truth so you can be seen in a whole new light?
  • What if you had the courage to say YES to yourself.  And gave yourself the gift of 6 months to something a little different, incredibly powerful, healing, life changing, enjoyable, fun inspiring and COLOURFUL.
  • Close your eyes and imagine in 6 months time, you have completed the certification and you  feel whole, , confident, strong, and  know your path and you have life long tools to use personally and professionally if you so choose. You feel like supports you now.

“Having done this course makes me feel complete for the first time in my life. Like a hole has been filled and a drive now for my purpose. “  Caroline  UK



  • A 6 Month Training Program that is designed with your needs and desires in mind, where you can work around your job and family, rekindle your soul, your life and your dreams.
  • You will get to tap in the magic of life through the rainbow, where life starts to come alive in a whole new light.

You have only one life to live, YOURS! 

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This course is for you if:

  • You want to know more about who you really are, your purpose and your mission.
  • You are ready to be the REAL you, and be LIBERATED like never before.
  • You have an interest in energy work and coaching and are looking for a modern day coaching healing qualification, as you know deep down ‘energy healing’ gets bigger results faster.
  • You could open up a personal development shop with all the self-discovery/development books you have, but while you know it all, you just can’t seem to apply it in everyday life.

  • You are stuck in a job you secretly despise and can’t continue much longer living like this.
  • On paper you’re doing great, but deep down inside you aren’t doing well, something’s missing.
  • You are a complementary therapist, healer or coach and you are seeing that colour is coming into your work and you want to explore its deeper message and healing properties for greater results and increased income potential.

  • You are ready to resolve your own life challenges and to emerge from this program as an empowered and gifted healer, therapist, and coach.
  • You feel excited at the prospect of learning at a deep level and you have the courage to face all that has held you back in your life so far.

  • You are looking for a combined approach of coaching and healing to deal more effectively with modern day living. You are aware people are in need of a deeper understanding that is practical, scientific and spiritual.
  • You are looking for a course that has a combination of online and in person presence so you can work around family life and your job while feeling personally guided and supported.
  • You love colour and feel called to learn more about its message and meaning in the coaching and healing arena as well as in everyday life and business.
  • You are ready to live the life you know you deserve to have and make a difference in others lives in a unique transformational magical way.
  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded, heart-centered, spiritual people who are taking the journey alongside you.

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What you will get on the program:

It's time to remember, who you really are, not what othershave told you to be. You are a powerful, infinite being, stand in your power confidently- Chantelle Renee

The Training Programme facilitates your own healing and evolution while you learn about all you need to know to live a colourful life.  There are just 10 places to ensure individual personalised attention.

    • A personalised 1-2-1 Clarity Breakthrough Energy Clearing and Soul Realignment with me personally once your place is confirmed.
    • Clarity On Your Passions And Purpose In Life.
    • The colour tools, techniques and exercises to discover the true essence of who you really are, your infinite potential!
    • Ways to get rid of any blocks getting in the way of living the life you love and have always dreamed of.
    • The qualification to use this professionally as a colour coach, colour therapist or healer if you so choose.
    • An array of knowledge, useable tools and techniques to use whenever you feel stuck again in your life.
    • A renewed sense of hope, joy, FUN and meaning where you experience the synchronicity of life like never before.
    • The strength to overcome anything life throws at you.
    • Learn more about yourself, where you are in life, what your needs and desires are and how to get there.
    • The skills to increase your intuitive abilities so you are living a life in the flow.
    • All the benefits of working with colour such as feeling different inside, have increased energy, trust in you, life and the universe.
    • Give You The Confidence You Need To Successfully Live Your Life On Your Terms.

You also benefit from one on one time with me Marcia, founder and program leader where I will personally give you:

    • The care, healing, love and attention needed to make whatever leap you need to make a positive difference and enhance you and your life.
    • The support individually and in the group throughout the program and beyond so you will get to know and live the excitement, mystery and magic of life most of the time.
    • Time with me an international colour healing expert, healer and coach so you can experience and learn the impact of colour first hand.
    • Assistance and guidance enabling you to use colour professionally and personally.
    • Personal demonstrations on how to use the various diagnostic colour tools, techniques and exercises so you have a solid useable tool kit to use in your life and in your coaching or healing business.

Serve, Heal, Coach and Guide people in a capacity that brings those you touch, home to the calling of their soul!

“This was the best, most effective and empowering course I have ever done. Absolutely worth the time and money – I can feel real and immediate benefits that have profoundly changed the way I think and act already. Thank you, Marcia!” Jenny Belgium


“I just jumped into this program and I did not know what to expect, this was after the free half hour we had together. But it fitted in a bigger plan I had decided for myself at that time, and that was to come closer to my intuition, and to move more away from head into my body. And I believed this would help me, and it did. I really learnt a lot, and also from the other girls in the program. Since this program I dare to start trust more my intuition, more synchronicity. You definitely need to consider this program, but only do it with an open mind. Set a direction of what you want, but do not set goals, and let you take with the flow. Caroline Foulon, Belgium

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This level of mastery can enable you to powerfully joyfully and magically connect, heal and contribute your own unique gifts in the world. This Program is the catalyst that transforms you into your thriving life and career.

“Your greatest gift is the gift of seeing the path of success for others and in seeing also the very things that lie in their path to obstruct the flow… You are here to gently ease them through and beyond the obstacles and into success, enlightenment and freedom. This is your gift.”

Book a call with Marcia to find out more
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Three out of four weeks each month you will be given access to new modules to follow, which contains training video presentations, a colour meditation, an exercise in the form of art therapy or a coaching energetic tool to practice. Every fourth week you get a break so you can play catch up just in case your busy family and work life got in the way. This ensures that the journey is joyful and not pressurizing.

Twice per month you’ll connect with me personally for live Q&A, Teaching and Practice what you’ve learnt in the previous modules. You get to go on the ‘hot seat’ so we can uncover, heal and liberate you while also contribute and learn right there on the call with me.   You will experience first hand the effects of what you are learning while practicing and perfecting your knowledge as we go.  You benefit from 18 hours coaching, healing and training personally by me, Marcia.

Each month there will be a monthly focus so that you can use a tool and perfect its use and try it out on yourself, your friends and family and report back in the private Facebook page. This is of immense value because not one size fits all and so this will enable you to clearly see which tool works for what and this practice will help you be guided to the personalized needs of those you work with.

As everything is energy this is a big element of the course. Everything you manifest in your life – the good, the bad and the ugly – is energy. If you want to attract positive people, clients, money, experiences and circumstances, then maintaining your personal energy field is essential.

I am very hot on the importance of clearing your own energy field, protecting your own energy and creating a safe high vibration space for you and your clients. You will learn the ins and outs of what to do and how to do it. I share with you various ways you can do this and you can try and choose which one suits you best.  If you can uncover what is going on energetically it can prevent serious illnesses manifesting in physical form.

I put you first, as most likely you have been putting everyone else first, but on this program you will be put on the receiving end for a change.  I offer you a personalised 1-2-1 Colour Clarity Breakthrough before the program starts, worth €490. This ensures when the program starts you are energetically cleared and aligned so you are clear to embrace what this program has to offer.

We will fill you up with so much greatness, enlightenment and joy that you will be brimming with light energy and your very presence will be a life changer for those you connect with.

As the focus is you, you will learn how to coach, heal, uncover and explore what’s going on for you first so you are enabled to do for others what you have done for yourself.

WE GO DEEP – we really dig deep and develop higher levels of mastery, intuition and healing within your coaching healing practice. This enables you to stand out from the crowd and be the leader and master in your field.

This is key to your success and personal growth and development during the 6 months on the program and beyond. First and Foremost you have me watching over you to ensure you are moving through the healing coaching process.

You will connect with YOUnique, pure, genuine, loving, creative, passionate and original beings of light, just like you! Who have a great desire to make big transformational changes in their own life and those they work with and come into contact with.

The kind of people you will get to connect, know and love will be the natural healer coach who get stuck when on the edge of enlightenment, brilliance and empowerment of themselves and others. It is these types of individuals that possess the most greatness and who I love to be surrounded with.

This select group of up to 10 women will become friends and colleagues who will support and cheer you on… and whose own courage, vulnerability and willingness to go for it in their business and their lives will inspire you to your own greatness.

This is a key benefit as it is where you can share safely what you are going through, ask for help, be given the inspiration, further guidance and help. I pop into the group daily to connect and make sure you are all ok and here is where you get a gentle kick up the butt or a loving helping hand to lift you out of the doldrums when needed.

Successful women know that no one succeeds alone. Never underestimate the value of surrounding yourself with the right people, who hold a magnificent vision for their destiny, and yours. We are there for you with compassion, love and strength so you keep climbing and keep going when the going gets tough! And it will get toughas that’s what happens when you touch big transformation, and great leaps but the benefits and view from this higher plateau is exquisite and well worth every ounce of effort.


I have arranged for us to be taken on a  spiritual tour of Brussels city with Wanderous Wanders, where you will be putting your energy skills to the test while also learning the ancient gems of this amazing city!

While a lot can be done online, nothing substitutes the face-to face in person time. This is where you get your hands dirty with me and access aspects of the course that require your presence.

These events are part immersive training in coaching and business skills, spiritual grounding, healing and protection and plenty of fun, laughter and dance thrown into the mix. We use this to also celebrate how you’ve grown since you joined the program or since we last met. Acknowledging your own achievements is key to your own success and your own brilliance.

You’ll also fully integrate what you’ve been learning, get inspired and energised by me and your fellow soul sisters and experience the powerful insights that can only come when you exit your day-to-day environment and put yourself in a new place of beauty and high vibration, with amazing magical beings of light.

To get you started straight away you will also receive an introductory colour ebook on colour therapy once you have registered.

  • Topics covered

    • Colour Therapy and coaching theory
    • The history and psychology of colour healing – which means you get to understand what your colour choice is telling you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
    • Healing with colour – colour comes into any holistic therapy and coaching practice and yoga practice, by tapping into the depth of what this means allows you to take you and your clients to a deeper level of transformation.
    • Colour Therapy techniques – to help release blocks on any level that could be holding you back from reaching your full potential or having the life you want.
    • Auras and chakras at play and how this affects ones life and how to harness it when coaching and healing.
    • Colour meditations
    • Colour personality blue print which reveals your colour personality, the attributes you are born with, which ones are available to help ease your life journey and what you have come back to learn, so you get to know, love and accept why you are the way you are.
    • Colour and crystals – to heal, support and transform you and your clients.
    • Colour and nutrition – health and well being is contributed to the food we eat. An introduction to nutrition will help you give recommendations on how one can eat more nutritious, wholesome colourful food.
    • Colour diagnostic tools and techniques – so you can get to know what is going on with you on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level, and the colour needed to harmonise and balance these imbalances.
    • Energy clearing and balancing – like our physical body is showed our energetic body needs to be cleared. Various effective tools and techniques are shared and practiced.
    • Enery Protection- this is a hot topic of mine as it is key to being a successful coach.
    • Space Clearing – so you get to keep your home, office or consultation room clear and uplifted.
    • Colour and energy healing
    • Cellular healing, karmic healing – sometimes past life experience play in life. Here you will connect and get to know how to work in this arena.
    • Mandalas – colouring books are all the rave at the moment well its the mandala shapes and colours are making this an effective healing and de-stressing tool. You learn to interpret, draw and read mandalas that give you greater insights on a subconscious level.
    • Art Therapy – to help you access your subconscious mind and learn more about where you are now, where you have come from and what the immediate future has in store for you.
    • Colour in Business and Branding a key element to any business success.
    • Solarised Water – how to make it and you will taste each ray for yourself!
    • Coaching skills – bringing in a way of seeing and demonstrating empathy, compassion, understanding and know how.
    • Law of Attraction at play in every day life – Learn the secret art and science of manifestation
    • What it takes to be successful in the coaching and healing arena.
    • Plenty of practice and ongoing checks so you continue to build on what you learn and be confident in what you do.
My Guarantee to You … and Your Promise to Yourself


I will teach you all you need to know and support, and guide you so you can personally experience first hand the real power and magic of colour while ensuring you can use the tools, techniques and exercises confidently so you can implement what you learn as a new stand alone practice or integrating this knowledge into your current coaching or healing practice.

You must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results and be open enough. As the saying goes you only get out of life what you put in.

I promise to deliver high quality content, training, support and I’m confident you will get HUGE value.

In return, I want to you to promise yourself that you will open yourself fully, practice and apply the learning, and participate so you can get the most of this programme and the journey process you will be taken on.

However if you decide within 14 days of joining that this is not right for you, then simply let me know and I will happily refund your money and cancel access to the programme for you.

You really have nothing to lose!

P.S. Are you still undecided?

It is scary committing to something for 6 months.   I mean you can’t imagine right now how colour could be the answer and maybe you will put it on the long finger and there are other cheaper courses and and programs out there. But I can guarantee you there isn’t a course as complete as this one.  It is a course that is colourful, complete, enjoyable and we have belly laughs too. 🙂

But  seriously how much longer can you afford to go on waiting and seeing and trying other things but haven’t really taken you where you want and live this dream life you know you deserve to have?

How much longer can you afford to be making do with what you currently offer your clients, but aren’t seeing the diffence in your monthly income?

How long more are you going to put up with experiencing and having the same of what you don’t want instead of what you love?

If you are ready to make a serious difference to your life and  or your holistic business in 2016,  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.  Take the first step to have a chat and explore your options.

The question you should be really asking yourself right now is “Can I afford not to explore this course?

 Let’s have a chat and explore some more.

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If like me you see the beauty and magic of life, are courageous, loving and giving and have the strength and compassion for others, and bring a sense of elegance that filters through in all you are and all you do then this course could be a lovely fit for you as you get support, guidance and encouragement throughout this course and beyond. But let’s set a time to chat first and we can take it from there. I am here to support you in making the right decision for you, your life and your family…whatever that decision is.

Book your Discovery Enlightenment Session now.
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And we can take it from there. You will be sent a pre-call application so you get the maximum from our time together.

Enrollment is now open!  Don’t delay!

What Our Graduates are Saying:

I decided to embark on this course with you after some individual sessions with you and to find some modalities that would help my natural instinct towards colour in a healing capacity. I wanted to understand how I can use colour for my own benefit and that of others to progress along on my path. To use my brain in a ‘studying ‘ capacity and grow with it as a hobbie. To give me something that is ‘me’ and what I am about. Since doing the course, I have greater inner confidence, less blown over by stuff. See more and more that everything happens for a reason and to learn from experiences good and bad is vital to growth. I am no longer afraid to challenge my thoughts and feelings or have honest conversations with loved ones. Love should keep you safe in these moments. I would say this course is an absolute must if you have a natural pull towards colour (not just wanting to do healing of some kind) as the course contents comes much more easily if you do.

If someone is considering this course, I would say if you are prepared to challenge yourself personally and have the time to embrace it full, then I would highly recommend you go for it. Make sure the timing of the course is right for you as it can be magically if enough time and space is given to let it flow within every day.

Having done this course makes me feel complete for the first time in my life. Like a hole has been filled and a drive now for my purpose. Marcia is very loving and gives so much of herself for the benefit of her students and is there every step of the way. Nothing is too much trouble and her knowledge is profoundly deep from all her experience. No question could be unanswered. Thank you Marcia for a moment in my life I will never forget. X Caroline Bray, UK


“This course has given me a sense of purpose, a goal, hope, and something to concentrate on in life when other areas haven’t been working out as well as I would have liked. Having Marica as a teacher has been wonderful. She is the perfect mix of loving yet strict when necessary! She knows what you need at all times during the course and does everything in her power to ensure you flourish in the course. I would definitely recommend anyone to go ahead and do the course. I imagine people get different things out of the course though it is something to do for yourself, in a magical and supportive environment with other like minded people. Roisin, Ireland


“I loved this course from start to finish. I really love doing the colour numerolgy. It is amazing to see peoples faces when they find out what their colour personalities are and what they mean.I have gained confidence in myself, and I now have the tools to take into the rest of my life to help me start a new career. Definitely, if it is something that you can’t stop thinking about then go for it. Trust your gut intuition because it’s usually right. I did and it’s the best thing I have ever done, I finally done something in my life for me. Thank you for giving me a wonderful, colourful experience and for helping me to change my life and my families life for the better. You are a wonderful lady! Lorraine, Ireland

“I just jumped into this program and I did not know what to expect, this was after the free half hour we had together. But it fitted in a bigger plan I had decided for myself at that time, and that was to come closer to my intuition, and to move more away from head into my body. And I believed this would help me, and it did. I really learnt a lot, and also from the other girls in the program. Since this program I dare to start trust more my intuition, more synchronicity. You definitely need to consider this program, but only do it with an open mind. Set a direction of what you want, but do not set goals, and let you take with the flow. Caroline Foulon, Belgium






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