Inspirational Colour Evening

Inspirational Colour Evening

SAVE THE DATE – 7TH OCTOBER 2013, 19H30 – 21H00

Come along to spend a colourful evening and learn what colour can increase your self confidence and try out a colour technique so you can build and improve your self-confidence and feel good about yourself.Being more mindful and aware about colour choices can lead you to living a full spectrum life! Be ready for an interactive, insightful and inspiring evening with like minded colourful, interesting people.

Participation: €10
To book your seat, call Marcia on 0473/67734 or email her at

Here’s what past participants have to say:

“It was a very refreshing and inspirational event!!! Glad to having made it – Thank you Marcia!” Sylvia

Thank you again for a truly inspiring and very enriching workshop. Thanks also for the insightful color readings at the end. I am so happy I came.” Anita

Great evening, educational, surprising and fun, thanks to Marcia and all. Nicholas Perombelon

“These Colour workshops are a fantastic and colourful journey through your emotions and thoughts that leads you to success.I realised after the workshops, that having a conscious relationship with the colours you choose will helped me make better decisions and feel connected on an emotional and a physical level.Everybody should attend one of Marcia’s workshop at least once I a life time :-)” LuisaFernanda Velasquez, Yoga instructor.

“I decided to attend a colour numerology workshop with Marcia as I wanted to try something new and needed encouragement for my next step in life. It was so beautifully presented and such fun while being useful and informative, this spurred me to book a personal session soon after. And All I can say I was blown away by the “clearing of the aura” process or whatever it was she was doing with colour and crystals. And Marcia put me at ease immediately, it rather felt like taking to an old friend.
During the consultation I was immediately at ease and it rather felt like talking to an old friend. The healing was gentle yet deep, nurturing process. There was a big difference after just one session. I had a strong reaction both physically and emotionally and I felt so energized and on top of the world. I was empowered and blown away by the “clearing of aura” process or whatever you were doing with the crystals.
And every time I do a follow on session with Marcia I get the same kick, plus practical tips and hints, what to read, check out or do at home…. ” Petra, Brussels