Integrated Training

  • Harness the amazing power of colour to heal & change your life!
  • Find real change through cellular shifts that happen with experiential learning.
  • Shift the negative vibrations draining the living daylights out of you.
  • Learn how to assist others in their personal growth using colour.
    Are you ready to be taken on an amazing journey of self-discovery healing and self-development, and colour your life and those of others?
  • Or maybe you are looking to enhance your coaching or healing practice or would you like a career change and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others?

 Well check out our next programs below to help you live the life you deserve to have.




Colour Harmonie workshop series

Do you want to feel energized and full of the joys of life?
Would you like to learn what your colour choice reveals about you
Colour yourself happy over four mornings and learn how to use the psychology of colour to transform your personal and professional life. This is a complete tour in colour comprising of four workshops: Colour Your Soul, Colour Your Life, Colour Numerology and Colour and Crystals.
Next workshop starting: 12th January March 2014 Brussels, Belgium
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“Thank you for a wonderful journey, for helping me to see the bridge I need to cross to get to my beautiful meadow of coloured flowers. Tina Wilton

Marcia you spread sunshine with ease. Thank you for your insights. Mary Sweeney


Integrated Colour Therapy® Program

Starts February 2014!
This program  is for those who have an interest in colour, self discovery and the self development arena, or who want a career change, are in career or life transition or for those who want to incorporate Colour into their existing therapies, such as Reiki,EFT,IET, Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy etc.

This program would also be of immense benefit to Mum’s whose kids are back at school and who want to do something for themselves while also having the option to work in this field and work around family life while making a difference in peoples lives.

Experience the secret power of colour and gain tools to support your wellbeing. Join our program and learn how to lighten up your own and other’s lives with colour, crystals, meditations, and other tools. 

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Past events – watch this space for the next dates!


Colour Mandalas to heal and manifest your dreams, desires and intentions

Sunday 23rd June, 10am to 1pm at
La Sagesses Intérieure, 32 Rue General Leman, 1040, Brussels
Like you did as a child you will colour your own mandala, receive a reading of what you need to know for your highest good and purpose. And then from this sacred place, open your heart and soul so you can manifest and align yourself to your dreams, desires and intentions.
To find out more pop over to the Colour Mandala section of this website.


How to enhance your life by making the most of your space with colourful ideas and spacious techniques

Sunday 17th June from 3pm to 5.30pm
32 Rue General Leman, Brussels, 1040

Join me and colleague Francesca Puccio and learn how to improve your life one room at a time!

This workshop is for you if:

  • you have a room that you don’t use to its full potential?
  • you feel like parts of your home lack “personality”?
  • you are putting off improving your space because you don’t really know what to do?
  • you feel like this space can be used much more efficiently and intelligently?
  • you are fed up with the way your space looks and feels?
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    10 Steps to Fulfilment and Inner Peace

    Are you looking for some real change in your life?
    Do you want to be empowered with practical useful tools so you can make changes quickly and easily in your life?

    With this workshop, experience the change towards inner peace through practical knowledge and continuous steps to integrate the principles of fulfillment into your daily life. Set yourself on the right course towards your real passions and desires and get to play with life!
    Next workshop: 25-26 February & 24-25 March 2011 Brussels, Belgium
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    “A weekend full of patience and peace that filtered through my agitation resulting in my spirit returning home, Caroline with love xxx

    You can also book me as a guest speaker for your events in Belgium, Ireland and internationally.

    Contact Marcia for workshop inquiries:
    Call: +32 (0) 473 677341
    Email: info (@)