Colour Harmonie Workshop Series

Colour Harmonie Workshop Series


Do you want to have a spring in your step in 2014?

Have you always been promising yourself that one day you will give YOU some time?


Well maybe its about time you gifted yourself of just three hours a month, where it will be all about YOU!
Do you feel
  • in need of a lift or want to change you life?
  • you lack energy, joy, clarity and focus?
  • you are striving yet never arriving?
  • you want to make 2014 your best year yet?
  • in need of some ME time, but just haven’t quite got around to it yet!


Well why not join me Marcia for 3 hours of a Sunday morning each month for more months where you can learn how each colour is linked to an emotion and a message and healing powers of colour to enhance you and your life, while having some fun!

The Colour Harmonie-series is designed to give you an insight into colour and show you how you can apply and use colour for personal and professional growth. It is bursting with new ways of using colour with movement, dance, play, art, sound, visualisation and meditation. We’ll be having fun experimenting with colour in all its forms and you’ll get to feel the powerful effect each one has on you. Say bye to a dull wardrobe and lack of energy and inspiration!

You’ll learn how to apply uplifting colours to your life:

  • What impact different colours have to your body, mind and spirit
  • How to dress for different situations, e.g. to call for attention for presentations or inspire confidence at the bank so you get that loan you need
  • Which colours you have been born with and what qualities they are associated with
  • Uncover what program is running behind the scenes and running 96% of your life
  • Get to change these programs if they no longer resonate with you.


This 3-part intensive is your wonderful occasion to experience the power of colour and learn how to apply it into your life!

The series is personally delivered by Marcia O’Regan, International Colour Therapist and Trainer. It’s important that the workshops take place in full confidence in a cosy, joyful atmosphere with a like-minded group of people enjoying the discovery of colour!


Sunday 9th February, 9th March and 6th April 2014, at 10.00h – 13.00h
If you are unable to attend any of these dates your subscription will be valid for the same workshop during the following course.


All the four workshops are delivered at the holistic centre La Sagesse Intérieure, Rue Général Léman 32, Brussels, Belgium, near Place Jourdan and the European Institutions (view a map here)


Module 1: Colour Your Soul

Sun 9th February from 10h – 13h
Discover how colours that attract I reveal much about our inner selves and which colours represent different states and emotions. Youʼll learn about the auric colours and how to interpret them, and get an overview of the effects each colour has on you. You will also receive a colour reading.

Module 2: Colour Your Life

Sun 9th March from 10h – 13h
This workshop teaches how colour can be used to bring balance and harmony to the seven chakra energy centres. This builds on the previous workshop where you will learn to connect and feel each ray and see for your self the energetic shift colour can make on you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This workshop is a very interactive one, where you will learn and experience how to bring colour into your daily life and transform your life through colour!

Module 3: Colour Numerology

6th April from 10h – 13h
Unlock the secrets of your birth numbers to reveal your soul colour! A colour numerology reading reveals your colour personality, the key attributes that you can draw upon to ease your journey in this lifetime, what qualities and attributes you were born with and what you have come back to learn. Youʼll get to discover your strenghts and qualities, understand your true potential and learn how to work with your soul colours. It helps you step into the shoes that have always been yours but you never thought you could have. It helps you become at ease with yourself as you get to learn who you really are, why you are like you are, and whatʼs truly available to you. This workshop also teaches you how to do colour numerology readings to others so that you can better understand and relate to your family members, friends and co-workers.

“These Colour workshops are a fantastic and colourful journey through your emotions and thoughts that leads you to true success. I realised during & after the workshops, that having a consciousrelationship with the colours I choose helps me make better decisions and feel more connected on an emotional and a physical level. Everybody should attend one of Marcia’s workshops at least once in a life time!”
Luisa Fernanda Velasquez, Yoga instructor

Angel Marcia, A million thanks for a wonderful workshop series of colours and crystals. You have awakened me on the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical levels of my being. Your generosity and energy were amazing. A golden thank you, Love & Light to you, Catherine D

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Come join I and colour yourself happy!


You’ll learn and experience:
  • How to transform your personal and professional life with the power of colour
  • What your true potential, stumbling blocks and desires are, using the psychology of colour
  • Tap in to the true essence of YOU
  • Practical tools and techniques you can use daily



I’m offering this entire 3-part series for 210€, including workshop materials, light refreshments and homemade gluten and wheat free cake.
My special thank you for early bookers: reserve your seat before midnight 1st February 2014 and you’ll save 30€! That’s 180€ for the three workshops (only 60€ per workshop)!
In addition, you can benefit from spreading the word to those who would benefit from this opportunity too:
bring a friend and get an extra 10% off,
bring 2 friends and get an extra 20% off,
bring 3 friends and get an extra 30% off.

Reserve your place now and call Marcia on 0473/677 341.

Reserve your seat by 30th January with a 100% guarantee you’ll love all that this series offers*!


Contact Marcia to book your seat now:
Call: +32 (0) 473 677341
Email: info (@)

*PS – 100% Guatantee! I’m so sure that this series will enrich your life in so many ways, that if you aren’t completely satisfied after the first workshop, I’ll give you your money back no questions asked. So you are welcome to book your place and come try the series with absolutely nothing to lose and a life in beautiful rainbow colours to win!