Here is some recent feedback from the Colour Harmonie Workshop Series participants:

Marcia’s passion for colours is very contagious and that is already a reason in itself to attend her colour workshop. But there is much more to it than her sheer enthusiasm. You will learn why you are attracted to a colour and what it means. Simply put, after this, you will have a yhole new area of personal growth that will open up for you. Highly recommended. Geoffroy.

Marcia, Thank you very much for your excellent organisation of this workshop. Once again it gave me additional overview on colours & their interpretation.I am very glad that you presented the background on colours and how they are used in different countries across the world. Rositsa

It’s a wonderful & intimate experience to learn colours alive with such a generous, competent,humble & spiritual teacher as Marcia! May she be always guided to the light! Michelle Pivin

Today I became a better friend for myself, I leave the room with butterflies and confidence instead of guilt and strictness. Thank you. Valentine

Inspiring food for thought/spirit. Anonomous

I really enjoyed the colour insights and your kindness to me – will take away the knowledge learnt and try to put it into practice, Catherine x

You have awakened my body, mind and spirit. Your generosity and energy are amazing. A golden thank you. Love & Light to you. Ann

You are warmly welcome to join I for the next workshops!