Personalised 1-2-1 Program

Personalised 1-2-1 Program


Colour Harmonie's Marcia O'Regan

Personalised 1-2-1 Programs

This package is for you if:

  • You would love to know what is getting in the way of you having what you want.
  • You feel that your really want to change things in your life but don’t know how.
  • You have tried every other conceivable way and its all short lived.

Whats  involved:
A diagnostic reading that reveals where you are on a physical, emotional, mental,metabolic and spiritual level.
You get to discover your blocks/imbalances and which ones you are aware of and which you aren’t aware of.
I reveal the one colour and its complementary colour that you need right now to bring you back into harmony.
A deep energetic clearing and realignment.
I use your two colours to nourish and balance your mind, body and spirit. After the session you get access to me for 1 week to support you through crisis healing or low points via email and skype.
This takes 2 hours to perform with unlimited support via email and follow up skype calls to ensure you move through the process, and the work we do is integrated fully.
Most people feel freer, lighter and more at ease after this, and tend to experience a much more synchronistic life.

Fee: €497 This can be via skype or in person.

Here is who one of my client, Breege describes her experience:

I discovered Colour Harmonie completely by accident at a time in my life when I was encountering a number of blocks that seemed surmountable. I was looking for a practical and tangible way of addressing these old issues. Colour fits the bill in so many ways, so finding Colour Harmonie was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Marcia’s enthusiasm for what she does is very inspiring, and obvious from the first time you speak to her. The colour blueprint that she prepared for me took my breath away with its level of detail (colour!) and the insight into some challenges that I was encountering at the time. It also helped me to reacquaint myself with aspects of myself that I had forgotten about. I consider myself to be quite introvert but Marcia pointed out that one of “my” colours is yellow, which would suggest that I am a great networker (her exact words!). After digesting this information, I suddenly remembered that I always seem to know the right person to get in touch with. How could I have forgotten that I am frequently approached by family, friends and colleagues for advice on who to contact for a given reason???  This is only one example of what we came up with during the face-to-face session.

Marcia has a gift of explaining things in a concise way, and at helping her clients look at situations / blocks from a fresh angle. What is also wonderful about her is that her intuition is spot on, and she knows exactly when to follow up with you, at a time when you really need nurturing”. Breege Smith




Where we take you and your life to a whole new level all over 6 week!  This is personlaised 1-2-1 where you get my personal attention, healing, support and love.  You get access to me and my expertise and you get to know and use the secret power of colour that mirrors back what is really going on behind your current life experience.  Here you learn life long useable tools to help you feel empowered during and after our work together.

I work very closely together with you to get behind the unseen things really getting in the way from you doing the things you are meant for.

There are three levels involved:

  1. Uncover the blocks and the level they are at whether its spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or metabolic.
  2. Clarity and clearing, once we know their origin this is where we clear and up-level them to serve you for the greater good.
  3. Integrate in order for the results to be lasting they need to be integrated on a cellular level.  This is what creates lasting change where you have more serving and empowering patterns.

This is a process where you need to be supported, where I hold your hand the whole way through.

We check-in weekly via email and you can avail of two skype first aid calls to keep you moving through the process of change and enhancement. I find this bring great breakthroughs and transformations.

This prevents you getting stuck and instead has you in the energy of creation.

After these 4 weeks you will be back on the road to having more of what you want, more clarity about what that looks like on a soulful level and following the calling of your soul with your mind and heart in-tandem and like an orchestra you begin to play your own music!

Investment – €1,500.



Is this you?  You are the salt of the earth, gifted, exceptional at what you do, with your innate ability to help others  but you  are just struggling to attract the clients you need to keep you and your business afloat.

This has you  feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and you just don’t know where to turn as you have done all the courses and coaching, ‘doing all the right things’ but you still don’t seem to be any forward and it just has to change, and CHANGE NOW!


It’s a great sign that light is at the end of the tunnel.  You are enduring difficulties and don’t know how or where to start because you are needing to step up further to shine your true light into the world. 

How you are feeling and your mind set is a relfection of how your business is.   So its time to really connect with YOUR TRUE ESSENCE of who you really are, give yourself a good aul dusting down, let go of all those programs and beliefs once and for all and understand and get clarity on where yu god from here.

In my personalised sessions using the secret power of colour and my intuitie abilites I shed some light on those dark spots or shadows, so you can be SEEN for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  I clear, release, and revive you on a cellular level, just like de-cluttering a home, I de-clutter you, on a phsycial, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level.  This way nothing will hold you back.

Then I show you your innate soul attributes and colours and weave them into you so you are aligned to your own truth and this will  give you so much clarity.  It will have you  feeling lighter, coming from a place of plenty and refuelled, firing on all cynlinders in a very short time.

And then in tandem you will find you will be living a life of synchronicity, attracting your ideal clients. And you will have your business work for you, and not you working for your business.  THE RESULT =  PURE BLISS!

2). THE SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR – who knows deep down its time for a personal and business/website overhaul.

You have been in business now for a while, have done your fair share of self development and are looking to take you and your business to the next level.

You are open to woo woo and are looking to have your business to be more of a reflection of you.  You want your business/website to reflect the essence of who you are but you don’t know how.

There are three elements which I call CPR that are key to breathing life into your business, and have clients knowing all they wanted to do is to work with you?  And funnily enough this will have you put on your own oxygen mask too.

You know when we don’t breathe than we die and if your website doesn’t have much of a pulse anymore than you are losing out on so many clients business .. and all because CPR is lacking….  Connection, Personality and Resonance!

C = CONNECTION – We all need to feel connected, so your website and your business needs to have connection. And get this connection requires you to be seen in order for this to happen magically. When people land on your website they feel as if they already know you, they start to trust you. CONNECTION builds TRUST. A key element in the buying process.

P = PERSONALITY – Your personality. People buy from people they love. The essence of who you are, your values and reflecting the unique you are essential in attracting the right clients so you are a match made in heaven. This is a WIN WIN.

R = RESONANCE –  the REAL YOU is what people are looking to see and resonate with. This will leave a lasting impression. If people resonate with you than connection has already happened and the relationship has already been established. This extends energetically, how you are feeling people are picking up on energetically. So keeping your resonance high is essential.

Research shows that first impressions are based on what we see, rather than what we hear.

Getting this right will make everything else easy, and you will see, things will start falling into place.   You see your business starts with you. How you are putting yourself out there, how you are feeling inside, and how people feel when they visit your website are all around the CPR.

Imagine this, what if anyone who landed on your website connected with the essence of who you really are, and what you offer and feel as if you have met before and as we speak are contacting you for discovery sessions or just go ahead and buy your sessions, programs, courses because when they land on your website they are feeling these three important elements.
It is for this reason that I have created THE True Colours Formula (that only 1% of the population know about).
In this personalised program we explore your personal colours and what this means and how to entwine this into your business, so your ideal client can connect, resonate and feel they know you personally.So if you want this to be your reality, book a free 30 minute session by clicking on the button below!

3). THE ATTRACTIVE 30 SOMETHING GIRL – who on paper is doing great, but inside the story is different.
On paper you have it all, the successful career, plenty of dosh, jet setting off at a hands turn and your family and friends think you have a great life. But inside the reality is different.
You know there is something more to life. There is something missing… you want to feel fulfilled and you would love to meet your true love, but you seem to be fumbling around in the dark in that area. You have started doubting yourself and you are now finding that you not able to confidently take the necessary steps in your life. You are beginning to get dis-heartened and starting to think what’s wrong with you. Maybe your too fussy.

What I see is that we all came into this world a shining star but this has become dimmed over time due to our culture, country, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and life experience. What I do is increase your dimmer, so it is shining fully and this leads you to feeling ALIVE again, HAPPY, JOYFUL, FULFILLED and RECONNECTED TO YOUR SOURCE. You have more clarity and understanding about you, you start to feel better about yourself, more confident and you are clear on what you really want, as you have opened up like a flower when the sun shines on it. People are reacting differently, you feel more self assured and you are sparkling. This has started filtering into your life experience and you are feeling more in tune. You can’t put your finger on it but there is a difference. You have tools to empower you when you are met with life challenges but you are feeling EMPOWERED in this journey we call LIFE, because you have learn’t its language.

This is likened to being in France and not being able to speak the language. Look at what you miss out on if you can’t speak the language. Well the same goes for life. But as you now know the the meaning of colour, which is lifes language, and the language of the essence of who you are, and you now know why you are drawn to specific colours, and how you can use this knowledge to support you. There has been a big shift on so many levels.

What I see is that we all came into this world a shining star but this has become dimmed over time due to our culture, country, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and life experience. What I do is increase your dimmer, so it is shining fully and this leads you to feeling ALIVE again, HAPPY, JOYFUL, FULFILLED and RECONNECTED TO YOUR SOURCE. You start coming from a place of plenty. You have more clarity and understanding about you, what image you want to give off and how you want your prospect to feel. And so your website and you are sparkling. This filters into your life experience too. During these personalised sessions I share tools with you that you can use so you are EMPOWERED in this journey we call LIFE. You are now in the place where you are living the life you love, and guess what you are more open to love like never before…and I will you imagine what the ending is… So what are you waiting for, GET IN TOUCH FOR A 1 HOUR CHAT, IT’S ON ME!

This Personalised 1-2-1 Program is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 
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What Clients are Saying

““I never thought colour would have such a powerful impact on my life – it’s something I take for granted, yet it can be so refreshing, uplifting and empowering… I strongly encourage you to try Marcia’s Personalised 1-2-1 Program. Marcia is so friendly, open, positive and genuine – very different to the other life coaches I’d seen before… Thank you Marcia, from the bottom of my heart. You’re amazing!!” Salomé