Personalised Sessions

Don’t you wish you could love your life … every step of the way?

You know and feel deep down that you have a calling in your heart and yearn to be living a different kind of life. The life you thought you would have as a child.
It’s tough when you see that everyone else seems to be living their dream life, with their partner, children, doing what they are passionate about. But its hard to pinpoint what to change, and there’s no time in your day to deal with this.

But you want to … no, you need to! … get to the bottom of what is stopping you be, do and have what you want.

Let me first start with a story about a girl in her 30’s living and working in an international city because it can start to explain things.
She loved the social scene, working long hours and earning a good living. She felt independent having bought her own flat and felt very blessed with the great friends around her that were like family.

All of her circle of friends were married and most had kids and she really loved spending time with them as it gave her that family feel, and meant she also didn’t have time to think of being single and not having the life she really hoped for.

Don’t get me wrong she still made the most of the single scene, taking part in speed dating, lock and key parties, blind dates, but she just didn’t seem to connect with anyone to have a lasting relationship with. She had just finished a colour course and had experienced lots of change, buying her dream flat, moving jobs, buying a car and so she was happy with the shifts she was making.

One night she came back from being out with friends and thought if I keep doing this, 10 years from now I will be in the same position. Single, happy enough, keeping busy to keep me distracted but not really having the dream life. To find a compatible loving person to share my life with, be a Mother, have children and work in what I am passionate about.

And so she thought what have I always talked about and never did? And for her, it was to live in a French speaking country, and so she set the intent that she would leave this city she lived in now for almost 14 years within the year. And so she started telling all her friends of this new vision and intent that was going to happen. She went on to finish her colour therapy qualification. She also sent her CV to everyone she knew and within 9 months she found herself leaving and moving to a Francophone city, Brussels. It felt so right, the move and changes didn’t knock a feather out of her.

She met lovely people from all over Europe. Brussels is a great International city. One month after arriving in Brussels, she met her now husband and he really was the guy she was searching for. Everything moved very quickly but it all seemed so natural. And so 7 years on, they have bought a house, renovated it, have two boys with another on the way. They have converted their ground floor into a holistic center, where she runs her in person 1-2-1 programs, consultations and workshops. Only recently they said who would have thought 7 years ago this would be our reality?!

How would that make you feel?

profileThis person I am talking is ME!

So you see I know from experience and I also have the intuitive skill to connect you to what your soul is needing, so you too can live the life you are dreaming of, but just can’t quite catch at the moment.

I have the compassion and understanding to take you where you need to go. To pick you up, dust you down, turn on your light and let you be guided by the magical mystical colours of life.

You see the world simply mirrors our own life condition. When me change; the reflection changes. It is incredibly simple yet powerful and profound at the same time.

How can me ever step up and manifest anything else, if me don’t even know where to start and me don’t know how? As colour is the language of the subconscious which controls around 85% of your life then you get a great insight into what’s truly going on.

Not only do you shift the energy relating to what is not meant to be as you start to use these colours, tools, and techniques but you literally push the clouds away, that are getting in the way of you seeing and having the life you want. I liken it to pushing the clouds away where a blue sky is revealed, the sun comes out and life just gets a whole lot better.

So where are you right now?

• Do you feel you have a lot on your plate at the minute and just don’t know how to change things?
• Have you reached a point where enough is enough?
• Do you wonder if the problem is you or is it you’re doing something wrong?
• Are you feeling COMPLETELY HAPPY and CONTENT with your personal life, love life and yourself right now?
• Did you think that you would be doing what you love, living a passionate life, fall in love, get married and maybe have some children and life would be just dandy?
• However something went wrong along the way, and you are not quite happy with what you are experiencing and know that really it’s now or never and something has got to give but what and how?

Life is complex, there are many elements playing around you! I’m here to tell you that this gap between your vision and what you are living is NOT YOUR FAULT.

You just haven’t been taught how to access the right channel to the life you want.
You are unsure how to trust your own inner wisdom to give you what you really want.
And so you need to be taken by the hand and shown the structured step-by-step path to get you on the right track.

This is why I have created a personalised 1-2-1 Life Transformational Programme to start you on the path to turning your life around.

You see:
1. You are most probably on auto pilot.
2. You have been influenced by family friends and your culture telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, what’s acceptable and what isn’t etc.
3. Like a TV channel you are just tuned to a different station and me just need to find the station to the one that matches what you truly want.

What me need to do is:
1. Lighten your load a little.
2. Get clear on who you really are.
3. Define what path you truly want, so you stop giving mixed signals to the universe.
4. Reprogram your life GPS

Which will get you to:

1. Get clear, energized and get going.
2. Own it 100%.
3. Start making the best decisions for you to have that life you so yearn for and resonated with as a child.
4. Feel excited, hopeful, joyful and a reassured that it’s finally happening for you.

How does this 1-2-1 Transformational Program work for you?

You get personal time from me in person or via Skype, which takes you through a specially designed step by step process.

Session One – You will be taken through a Colour Diagnostic Chart so you get to know, the WHAT WHY AND HOW?

  • What you are experiencing means.
  • What level it is showing up – on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic, or spiritual level…
  • What you already know so you can stop questioning yourself and get on with changing it.
  • Shed some light on what is getting in the way that you are not aware of.
  • The ‘Why’ is this happening to me?

  • How me can change this together. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  • The Secret Mystical colour you are needing now to change to the right vibrational frequency that resonates with the calling of your heart and soul.
  • Two colour cards you work with after our session giving you an insight into the influence of colour on your mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • Continued support with check lists, guidelines and action needed to keep the momentum going till our next session.
  • During this session you get to feel different, more in alignment, lighter and a sense of hope and relief that yes it can all change.
  • Session Two – Here me Explore Who You Really.

    A Detailed Colour Personality Report where I will reveal to you:

  • Why you are the way you are.
  • What attributes you have been born with that you may not be using, so you can now be tapping into your true potential.
  • What you have been given to make your life easier and be living a life in the flow rather than going against the grain.
  • What you have come back to learn, so you get to learn these lessons and prevent them from reoccurring and replaying in your life over and over again.
  • How to use this information to your advantage, so you can start living the life you love.
  • At the end of this session:

  • You get to love and accept yourself that much more and nobody can ever again tell you who you are, because you will already know!
  • You get clear on what it is you really want and align yourself to it.
  • You have access to checklists, tips and techniques you can be working on after the session, so you continue to get the most from the program, and you can start seeing the results showing up differently. Here synchronicity starts to play its magic.
  • Session Three – The Colour Diagnostic Chart so you can see the changes that have taken place and review where you are at now.

  • Here me go to a deeper layer of healing the past of what is no longer serving you.
  • You get to see the changes that have taken place since me started working together.
  • We uncover what next needs attention.
  • At the end of this session:

  • You get unstuck so you feel freer, happier and lighter, as me uncover what program or belief is running in the background.
  • You get to integrate what is good for you, so you feel empowered, stronger, more confident and self-assured, and this is where you align yourself to more positive experiences. (The Law of the Universe states you attract who you are.)
  • You get to experience and know a new perspective, a way of being bringing with it a sense of life and excitement about all you can have, be and do.
  • You exchange what you think you want and who you think you want to love to knowing what you want, and who you want love and share your life with. Interestingly enough this can open your eyes and lots of doors you didn’t see were there.
  • Il y a certainement plusieurs raisons de venir chez Marcia : un problème, un doute, un mal-être, un souhait de voir plus clair, une envie de découvrir une nouvelle approche spirituelle, tenter une autre façon de se faire du bien, … quoi qu’il en soit, il y a d’abord et avant tout une rencontre Marcia.

    After a recent consultation with Marcia, what came to mind was that Marcia’s work using colour got me to “grow up” and “step up” to the true essence of who I am and what I am capable of. And this for me was of immense value and not only opened my eyes but my heart too.

    One on one time with Marcia, to uncover what is getting in the way of having what you want and being fulfilled personally.

    I am here for you.

    1. As a colour healing expert, and coad so you can experience and earn the impact of colour first hand.
    2. With the care, healing, and attention you need to make the leap.
    3. With the individual support you will get to know and live the excitement, mystery and magic of life most of the time.
    4. With my assistance and guidance, so if you get stuck or confused, you will have someone to be there to help you get past it.
    5. With my Tools, techniques and exercises to follow after each session so you don’t fall back in to the old paradigm.

    Continued support after each session for up to 3 months:.
    1. Unlimited E-mail Support.

    This program will give you…
    1. the tools, techniques and exercises to discover the true essence of who you really are, your infinite potential!
    2. a clear view on where you energy is going, what you want and how to align yourself to it.
    3. ways to get rid of any blocks getting in the way of having the love and life you have always dreamed of.
    4. an awareness that will stop you running your life on auto-pilot
    5. the capacity to unite the conscious and subconscious minds to empower you and others.
    6. a renewed sense of hope, joy, and meaning where you experience the synchronicity of life like never before.
    7. time and space for you to focus on you and get clear on what you really want and need.
    8. learn more about yourself, where you are in life, what your needs and desires are and how to have them.
    9. all the benefits of working with colour such as feel different inside, have increased energy, trust in you, life and the universe, and much more.
    10. the chance to instead of pushing or going against the flow, to instead live a life with ease and be in the flow.

    SO how about me unlock those doors to the life you were destined to Live, so You Love Your Life Every Step of the Way… And you can look back and be so glad that you took that step as you have all the things you want and yearn for now?

    Your Investment: €490, or three easier monthly payments of €164.

    image10You have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have followed the program and used the tools, techniques and healing and you experience no change in your current state of heart, mind and soul. I will give you a full refund and two free colour sessions. This program requires you to take action, be committed and follow what I suggest.

    And my role is to give you all the guidance, support, and care so you can make the leap you are looking for.

    What you need to do now?
    If this 1-2-1 Transformational Programme resonates with you, you need to send me an email right not at letting me know of your interest.
    Once I have received your email, I will send you some times and dates to choose from four our free 30-minute call so me can see exactly where your at and what you are looking for support in. It’s important that me both feel comfortably working together so this me can fully explore all your options and see whether this programme is right for you.


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        • the key attributes that you can draw upon to ease your journey in this lifetime


        • what qualities and attributes you were born with


      • what you have come back to learn

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    Client Testimonials

    “Colour is part of everyone’s life and yet until I had my colour numerology reading with Marcia I was totally unaware of the influence colours can have. Marcia’s enthusiasm and amazing knowledge led me to discover so much about myself and my qualities and abilities. After her reading I started to use colour everyday with intention and purpose. I was able to change my mood for the day, relationships with others and even my health. Marcia has a true gift with colours and numerology. Her kind heart and compassion always made me feel a real connection and sense of joint discovery.” Claudia

    It was a real revelation for me when Marcia first explained the meaning of my birth colours. From a single reading I got to understand a great deal about who I was and what my life was all about. Since then colour numerology has helped me to become more and more the real me that I had always longed for. It gives so much comfort and confidence just to know what qualities and attributes are indeed available! I now know which colours to surround myself with to explore my innate qualities to the fullest, and understanding colour numerology helps me to better relate to others as well. I’m forever grateful for the colourful discovery journey Marcia has made possible for me through her insight, passion and generosity.

    You and your passion are such gifts Marcia! I can’t imagine having made my journey the last couple of years without the understanding of colour. At first it really felt like finally arriving home, and along the way I’ve felt so reassured to rely on great reference about my path and all that’s available for me. Now I actually see myself in my birth colours and they tell me intuitively everything I need in order to feel comfortable being me. Hanna


    For inspiration, read here about a client’s beautiful journey with colour!

    Please contact me for a 15-minute complimentary talk over skype or phone to determine what consultations suit you best!
    To book a consultation with Marcia:
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