Colour Consultations


Self-discovery and healing through colour

Are you feeling stuck and looking for direction and guidance?
Would you like more reassurance and clarity on the next steps in your life?

Colour helps you to transform your life on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and to release anything holding you back from living on a higher frequency.

  • Understand what is truly happening in your life
  • Reveal and correct imbalances on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level
  • Know what colours you need to work with and how
  • Shape your future to live your best life
  • Resolve anything that’s holding you back from living your best life
  • Feel lighter, refreshened and energized


“Thanks, Marcia, for a fascinating one-on-one consultation. I knew you were a colour expert, but I was really amazed by your knowledge and your intuitive powers! The advice you gave me was spot on, and I felt much better that day and for days afterwards.”
Claire, Brussels


I came to Marcia in the first place because I was attracted by the colour and I believe in its power. The colour consultations and therapy had many effects on me. First it had an immediate effect of reboosting me. Then I felt the positive effects days after when I made the effort to focus on the colours she suggested. Marcia has a way of making people believe that it is still possible to still have faith. Her words speak to the subconscious, she is the old Mother, Divinity and Energy. I would stress this is the most meaningful, helpful, wise, beneficial and powerful therapy I ever done in my whole life. But I believe it’s not only the power of the colours but the person who paints with them. And Marcia is the best healing coaching artist in colours I ever met.
The connection is there forever. THANK YOU FOR ALL. YOU SAVED ME IN A WAY. ALL MY LOVE, Kate, Antwerp


What do colour consultations involve?

Colour consultations are done in a series of three sessions. In the first session you get to discover through colour what is truly happening with your life. me take the time to get a complete picture of your situation and form a colour spine chart that shows in what ways your body is in and out of colour balance. Youʼll get to understand what issues you are working and which ones are showing up that you may be unaware of. This reveals where imbalances lie, and whether they are on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. You will leave the consultation knowing what colours you need to work with more, along with other exercises and techniques as appropriate in order to live the life your soul intended. You gain clarity and acceptance of your situation, and understand how to change things with the help of colour.
From this understanding together you and I work with the appropriate colours, light and crystals to correct any imbalances, blocks and issues. Often Colour Art Therapy is used to help you acknowledge your past, identify your present potential and shape your future. Please note that the sessions are conducted on an intuitive manner and thus are unique for each individual. me focus on discovering the unique light in You and liberate you from anything holding you back so that you become lighter and free to be all that you can be. Itʼs a gentle space to let go, discover your light and make necessary changes.

Let colour gently carry your worries away and open up in front of you a lighter and happier life!


How does colour healing work?

All of life is made of energy, and so are our bodies, emotions and issues. Colour is an energy and when introduced in the right shades or frequencies through our physical senses, it can help reinstate balance in you and your life. The process is like weeding a garden, then giving love and nutrition to the beautiful flowers and finally planting new flowers that start to grow. Best of all, when you become aligned and balanced within, your outer world shifts as well to correspond to your new vibrant state.

“I have MS and and I don’t like taking medicine, so I looked for alternatives, and I found Colour Therapy and Marcia which helped me alot. When I was without energy, you brought me energy, when I was sad, you made me happy and optimistic. You gave me answers to a lot of questions and helped me decide not to be angry with my disease, only to live with it. Thanks to you, I learned to live now, and not in the future. And I am no longer afraid of the furure. Marcia, thank you very much!!”Olivera, Serbia



The sessions take place in full confidence at my centre la Sagesse Intérieure,
Rue Général Leman 32, Brussels, Belgium,
near Place Jourdan and the European Institutions.

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To discuss consultation packages on offer, please contact Marcia directly.

Call: +32 (0) 473 677341
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