Red means business in January 2017 and this year

Is it me but has this month just flown??  It’s no wonder when it is such a strong energy month this year, the fact that red is the energy of January but this year also carries the red energy giving off the feeling of things speeding up. I am finding that shifts are happening fast […]

Colour and Money

Did you ever consider that there is a link between colour and money? Are you aware that colour is an energy and by tapping into this knowledge and power you can be aligned to abundance and wealth in a whole new light? I am honoured to have been interviewed by Eleyne Mari, a leading Colour […]

Let colour work for you.

Have you ever thought about what you are made of? This concept came to me as I sat down to write this week’s blog. Having worked with thousands of clients I get to see that everyone is made up of their beliefs, culture, past experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as their family lineage […]

A golden opportunity

Gold energy – Wise, inner knowing, powerful, self-sacrifice, wealth, prosperity The traditional gold colour meaning is that of power. It’s the colour of wisdom, knowledge, luxury, wealth and power having one of the highest vibrations of all colours. Gold signifies great strength and power Notice how plentiful it is amongst the royals, see it’s magnificence […]

Violet to raise you up!

Violet energy – Stillness, inspiration, spirituality, sacrifice, high ideals, sensitivity, compassion. Violet to help you give of your best and raise you up while also giving you a spring in your step in the process! Violet, Give of your best. Today I am inspired to write about the colour violet for many reasons, firstly today […]

Ever thought about the message your handbag gives off?

I love a colourful designer bag and of late one of my favourites is by Shona Easton, so I got in touch with her and asked her if I could use some of her colourful handbags to give you an insight into what your colour choice means but also the image and message you give […]

The downside of living in the present

Nowadays me here alot about being mindful and living in the present and how it can make all the difference and have you feeling happy and joyful. The present creates the furture, right? Well I disagree and here’s why. I naturally live in the present, live in the moment, take in the pleasures of each […]

Tickled by Pink

Pink energy – Loving, patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate, soothing, feminine, soft and motherly. This ray is my favourite colour. It is the colour on one of my kitchen walls, my favourite place in our house, where me gather to share wonderful moments and where great creations emerge from the kitchen as me share good food […]

How to harness your personal strength and feel happier.

Optimistic yellow energy – clarity, discernment, confidence, happiness, awareness, pessimistic,controlling. Now it is time to connect with yellow energy and turn up the volume on your personal strength and happiness. Yellow generates happiness, confidence and positivity. This colour is a very important one in keeping your confidence and self-esteem high so you believe in yourself […]

Red alert: Three aspects of the colour red you probably haven’t thought of and should.

Dynamic red energy – For courage, perseverance, passion, love, survival, energy, attention and action. Over the coming months, I thought it would be useful for you to learn more about the seven colour rays of the rainbow. I will be sharing with you the individual attribute each colour brings. I will reveal its’ uses and […]