Violet to raise you up!

Violet energy – Stillness, inspiration, spirituality, sacrifice, high ideals, sensitivity, compassion. Violet to help you give of your best and raise you up while also giving you a spring in your step in the process! Violet, Give of your best. Today I am inspired to write about the colour violet for many reasons, firstly today […]

Tickled by Pink

Pink energy – Loving, patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate, soothing, feminine, soft and motherly. This ray is my favourite colour. It is the colour on one of my kitchen walls, my favourite place in our house, where me gather to share wonderful moments and where great creations emerge from the kitchen as me share good food […]

How to harness your personal strength and feel happier.

Optimistic yellow energy – clarity, discernment, confidence, happiness, awareness, pessimistic,controlling. Now it is time to connect with yellow energy and turn up the volume on your personal strength and happiness. Yellow generates happiness, confidence and positivity. This colour is a very important one in keeping your confidence and self-esteem high so you believe in yourself […]

Red alert: Three aspects of the colour red you probably haven’t thought of and should.

Dynamic red energy – For courage, perseverance, passion, love, survival, energy, attention and action. Over the coming months, I thought it would be useful for you to learn more about the seven colour rays of the rainbow. I will be sharing with you the individual attribute each colour brings. I will reveal its’ uses and […]

What is your colour dislike telling you?

One of the interesting things about colour is the ‘curiosity’ it sparks. When I first meet people, they often ask me what their colour preference says about them. They are always intrigued by its meaning and are blown away at its accuracy. People want to learn more about themselves. They’d like confirmation that they are […]

What colour can help you deal with anger?

As I was sitting in front of my PC this week, thinking about what I was going to cover in my blog, a recent experience I had came to mind. me have all felt anger at some stage in our lives, whether it’s about something or someone. So wouldn’t it be great to have a […]

What colours to use to make changes in your life?

Currently people are going through big life changes whether it’s voluntary or involuntary. This is all part of the Divine Plan where me all start living our own life purpose and bring out the true unique essence me all have. Remember there is only one you, so the role that you are here to play […]

How colour benefits you and your baby during pregnancy and birth.

As a client of mine wrote to me requesting I write a blog on colour and pregnancy a while ago, I felt it appropriate to cover that very topic this week while I enter my 33rd week of pregnancy with my second child. The number three represents the trinity and I was 33years old when […]

The Link between Colour,Yoga and Food

Everyone knows that the act of eating is not only a delightful act but it is the way me supply our bodies with our daily energy intake. Hippocrates’s said: “Let your food be your medicine, and the medicine be your food”, but it is difficult to apply this wisdom as me rush through our daily […]