Ever thought about the message your handbag gives off?

I love a colourful designer bag and of late one of my favourites is by Shona Easton, so I got in touch with her and asked her if I could use some of her colourful handbags to give you an insight into what your colour choice means but also the image and message you give […]

How to harness your personal strength and feel happier.

Optimistic yellow energy – clarity, discernment, confidence, happiness, awareness, pessimistic,controlling. Now it is time to connect with yellow energy and turn up the volume on your personal strength and happiness. Yellow generates happiness, confidence and positivity. This colour is a very important one in keeping your confidence and self-esteem high so you believe in yourself […]

Increase your self-worth and personal power with the colour yellow

I have found of late that I am working a lot with clients on increasing self-worth and personal power. With all the energetic transformations taking place especially so after this week’s full moon, I thought it appropriate to share with you, how you can use colour to strengthen your solar plexus which is your power […]