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These beautiful words describe Salomé’s journey with colour. Courageously inspirational.

“I never thought colour would have such a powerful impact on my life – it’s something me take for granted, yet it can be so refreshing, uplifting and empowering.

I discovered Colour Therapy through a friend, who forwarded me an email she’d received from Marcia – so I thought I’d give this introductory session a try. At that point in time, I was pretty much searching for answers; yearning to know more about what my heart really desired, and trying to stop my mind’s negative, self-sabotaging chatter. During the first session’s colour interpretation reading it all came out – the red, blue and violet colours I’d chosen as my ‘circle of life’ clearly reflected everything I was going through… Intrigued, I decided to learn more – so I signed up for a personalised program and sent a photo for colour numerology with Marcia.

This was the beginning of my journey.

Colour Therapy uncovered I was a ‘yellow’ personality; vibrant, bubbly and extroverted, yet I lacked self-confidence and always felt on the sidelines of my life. Astonishingly, this is also what my colour numerology showed, and I guess I had really known it all along… But having Marcia break this to me felt shocking. Nothing but the naked, blatant truth. It was honestly a little difficult to hear… But once I did, I was able to start making some real progress.

Following the first personalised session and colour numerology reading, I decided to consciously use more yellow in my life – and allow myself to experience the magentas and touches of pink that felt so soothing to me. The pink crystal I was attracted to during the colour healing session accompanied me throughout the breakdown of my old, vulnerable self… And also when I eventually became strong again. Before I went to bed, I often did a soothing colour meditation, imagining all the colours of the rainbow one by one, letting them calm me, drift me off to sleep, even when it felt like the world had walked out on me. Colour was my guide, and it helped me make decisions I never thought I would have been capable of… But I did.

With colour and perseverance – with colour and determination to be positive, I changed my life. The decision to quit a well-paid but highly competitive, stressful and emotionally draining job… The decision to change countries… The decision to walk away from a destructive personal relationship… The decision to embark on further self-discovery and real intimacy… The decision to set off into unknown territory as a person free from judgement… And with the loss of two very special beings who have carved their way into my heart forever, who led me to give love a chance, without discolouring it with my own limitations as to what my perfect man should be like, after 11 years of being single… It all colourfully happened in 2011.

And so it is with great joy that I strongly encourage you to try Marcia’s Personalised 1-2-1 Program and Colour Numerology Reading. Marcia is so friendly, open, positive and genuine – very different to the other life coaches I’d seen before. This is one hell of a good person, who has supported me throughout my journey of self-discovery. Thank you Marcia, from the bottom of my heart. You’re amazing!!

Good luck, and enjoy your own colourful journey.”
Salomé Espinoza

More expressions of thanks from some of our wonderful clients.

“Thanks, Marcia, for a fascinating one-on-one consultation. I knew you were a colour expert, but I was really amazed by your knowledge and intuitive powers! The advice you gave me was spot on, and I felt much better that day – and for days afterwards.” Claire

“I wanted to try something new and also needed encouragement for my next steps. With Marcia, I was immediately at ease and it rather felt I was talking to an old friend. Marcia’s numerology workshop was so beautifully presented and such fun, while also being useful and informative. I left feeling on top of the world and booked a personal session the next day. LIFE CHANGING.” Petra

“After my consultation with Marcia, our work with colour really got me to ‘grow up’ and ‘step up’ to the true essence of who I am, and what I am capable of. This, for me, was of immense value and not only opened my eyes, but my also heart.” June

“There seems to be no end to what Colour Therapy can do for you. From using colour to heal and energise my body and mind, to what clothing to wear to a presentation or important meeting – even what colours to surround myself and my family with at home. All I can say is give colour a try, because somehow it will transform your whole life. Having tried a lot of different alternative routes, colour is definitely the winner for me. And Marcia’s light to the spectrum makes everything all the more appealing, you’ll see.” Sally

“Il y a certainement plusieurs raisons de venir chez Marcia: un problème, un doute, un mal-être, un souhait de voir plus clair, une envie de découvrir une nouvelle approche spirituelle, tenter une autre façon de se faire du bien… Quoi qu’il en soit, il y a d’abord et avant tout une rencontre: Marcia.” Laetita

“Marcia’s passion for colour is contagious, and that is a reason in itself to attend her workshops. But there is obviously so much more to it than her enthusiasm. You will learn why you are attracted to a certain colour and what it means. Simply put, after this, a whole new area of personal growth will open up for you. Highly recommended.” Geoffroy

“It’s a wonderful & intimate experience to learn colours are alive with such a generous, competent, humble and spiritual teacher! Marcia, may you always be guided to the light.” colourharmonie

“Marcia, thank you so very much for everything. Once again, this course gave me a real understanding of colours and their interpretations. I was especially happy to learn the history of colour, and how colours are used in different countries around the world.” Rositsa

“Today, I became a better friend to myself, and I leave the room with butterflies and confidence instead of guilt and harshness. Thank you.” Valentine

“I really enjoyed our colour insights and your kindness to me – I will take away the things I learnt and put them into practice. X” Catherine

“You have awakened my mind, body and spirit. Your generosity and energy are amazing. A golden thank you for everything. Love & Light to you.” Ann
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“Marcia you truly fought for my true passion and purpose in our session. You have an amazing gift, you saw the true me, even when I could not. I loved your energy and passion in the session, it was really uplifting. You really got me motivated and believing in my passion. I got so much value from working with you. Thank you.” –April O’Reilly BSc Hons