Why Colour Therapy?

Why Colour Therapy?

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy is an alternative, holistic therapy, based on the idea that colour can heal. Colour Therapists use the colour spectrum and its light energy to heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual difficulties, balancing and augmenting the body’s energy centres. Colour is a universal language and has been used as a powerful, non-invasive tool since 500 BC.

Why Colour Therapy?

Colour communicates with the heart, mind, body and soul, activating healing on all levels. From the moment me wake up in the morning, we’re bombarded with colour – light. According to German physicist and bio-chemist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, “The key to the elementary code of life, the communication between all forms of life, the control factor of the biological organism, is simply light”. Without light, there is no life, and without colour, life is sterile, boring, dull.

Once me acknowledge the gentle yet powerful impact colour has on I and everything around us, me can start to effect real change. Colour tells I how me are feeling and what is happening to us, guiding I and our energies in positive, supportive ways. Colour also has a profound influence on the way me perform in the office and at home. Through changing the colours me surround ourselves with, me can recharge and balance our energies with daily colour meditation, create a happy and peaceful environment in which to flourish, and use positive colour affirmations to transform our thoughts, feelings and attitudes to our personal situations. Colour Therapy supports I in all aspects of our daily lives.

Understanding the true essence of who me are, what qualities me have and how me can leverage them gives I the opportunity to unlock our full potential. Colour inspires I to be kind and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, helping I to heal by giving I the strength to work through our difficulties to live happier, more satisfying lives. Colour Therapy opens I up to a rainbow of possibilities. And it’s this harmony, freedom and joy that transforms our lives.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“The healing was deep yet gentle, a nurturing process. After our first session, I noticed a huge difference. I felt empowered, encouraged and somehow lighter than before – ready and able to take whatever steps were necessary with my life. I was particularly blown away by the aura clearing with crystals. I’ve since fallen in love with crystals, as I immediately feel such a strong reaction afterwards, both emotionally and physically. I love feeling energised and on top of the world! And I feel like this after every session I have with Marcia.” Petra, Brussels